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  • Why is "connection" the key to the digital upgrade of buildings?
    • July 23. 2021

    Connection of things The building management and control can be divided into the management of things and the management of people. For the connection of things, the technology of the Internet of Things is used to feed back the status of equipment and facilities to the system through sensors, and monitor them in real time, thereby reshaping the traditional business realization method, saving labor...

  • Three Advantages Help Accelerate the Development of Building Intercom
    • July 16. 2021

    Nowadays, whether it is a family or a community, the intelligent building intercom system plays an important role. It is one of the main industries in the construction of security, and it is also a standard piece of equipment for new and old buildings. With the upgrading of new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, building intercom is no longer a single product, but a complete syst...

  • What are the internal connections and differences between building information and digitalization?
    • July 02. 2021

    Building Information Information refers to building management and control through software and hardware equipment for a certain business or behavior. It focuses more on the collection, processing and transmission of information, initially focusing on fragments of human behavior rather than on the whole. It is precisely because information is aimed at a certain behavior segment, so it forms the bi...

  • How Does a Smart Community Provide Convenience for the Old?
    • June 25. 2021

    In view of the fact that the scope of activities of the elderly tends to be within the residential community, smart community health and elderly care services have brought tangible benefits to the elderly and provided a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment for the elderly in the community. Establish an information platform Big data brings convenience to the home care work in smart c...

  • What are the Characteristics of the Intercom System?
    • June 17. 2021

    Face recognition technology has become a future development trend Face recognition, face recognition, face recognition, access control, face recognition and elevator ride. Nowadays, face recognition technology is widely used in many fields and industries, and it has become one of the indispensable technologies. There is no doubt that face recognition technology is also followed The intercom techno...

  • Wireless Video Peephole VS Video Intercom
    • June 10. 2021

    1. From the conceptual comparison Wireless Video Peephole: It is composed of front-end collection cathead + back-end display, with memory function. It can take pictures and video when someone presses the doorbell, can record the sound and image information of the visitor, and can save the visitor's message when we need it. When a visitor arrives, if there is someone in the house, you can directly ...

  • To Understand the Smart Access Control System, You can Start from These Three Points
    • June 04. 2021

    The intelligent access control system is mainly a combination of face recognition technology + access control, a biometric technology that quickly completes identity recognition based on human facial features. Intelligent access control system, fixed installation of the corresponding door, after installation, the access control sequentially recognizes and authenticates the collection, detection, a...

  • There are Two Major Characteristics in the Current Development of Building Intercom
    • May 28. 2021

    As an important part of the security industry, the building intercom has been developing in my country for more than ten years. With the continuous iteration of technology, the types of products are becoming more and more abundant, and the functions are becoming more and more mature. Semi-digital and all-digital TCP/IP type intercoms have been vigorously promoted in recent years, like LEELEN’s pro...

  • In the Future, the Annual Growth Rate of the Building Intercom Market Will Reach 7.1%
    • May 20. 2021

    In recent years, building intercom system technology has gradually developed. In the context of the rise of smart homes, the industry's global market scale has exceeded 2 billion US dollars. In the future, the industry will be dominated by digital building intercom systems, and the annual growth rate of the market will reach about 7.1%. 1. The global building intercom technology has gradually deve...

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