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  • What are the benefits of smart access control?
    • October 15. 2021

    As we all know, the Internet of Things is to connect things to things. Always feel far in the sky, in fact close in front of you. For example, access control system applications. Of course, the transmission of the Internet of Things is widely used, and the smart access control system is just one of them. IoT data transmission applications can also be used in multiple application scenarios such as ...

  • Smart Building Intercom: Building a Security Line of Defense for Family and Community Linkage
    • September 30. 2021

    Whether in the home or in the community, the intelligent building intercom system plays an important role and is one of the indispensable security products. Driven by emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, smart building intercom is no longer a single product, but has formed a complete system that integrates linked video surveillance, smart home, anti-th...

  • The Composition of the Visual Building Intercom System
    • September 18. 2021

    The requirements for intelligence, safety, and convenience in the community are getting higher and higher, and the visual building intercom system can solve these problems well. The visual building intercom system prevents the intrusion of outsiders, ensures the safety of the home, and plays a reliable preventive role. No matter day or night, you can clearly see outdoor visitors. At the same time,...

  • Smart Home Integrated Into Life
    • September 10. 2021

    Smart home uses various sensing technologies to receive detection signals and make judgments, and then give instructions to make various information-related communication equipment, household appliances, home security, lighting and other devices in the family take corresponding actions in order to be more effective Serve users and reduce user labor. On this basis, the comprehensive use of computer...

  • Smart Security Construction Has Achieved Results
    • September 03. 2021

    As an important part of the construction of smart policing, the process of building smart security communities has attracted much attention. In recent years, with the vigorous advancement of policies, the construction of smart security communities has accelerated, the public security order in the communities has improved significantly, the incidence of criminal cases has dropped sharply, the happi...

  • The "refrigerators" and "air-conditioned rooms" Looked Like These 3000 Years Ago
    • August 27. 2021

    The Zhou Dynasty-Skillful Use of Artificial Cold Source The earliest "air-conditioned rooms" can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty about 3000 years ago. At that time, nobles would build "caverns" underground, and adjust the temperature by using the natural temperature of the basement and filling the bronze ice mirror with ice cubes. , Summer important dining activities and entertainment activitie...

  • Smart Aged Care: A New Outlet for AI Security Industry
    • August 20. 2021

    In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the application of various smart technologies, smart elderly care has quietly emerged. Using AI and Internet of Things technology, through the fusion application and empowerment of various sensors, to bring safer, warmer and more humane elderly care services to the elderly, it is gradually becoming a new type of elderly care model. AIoT has o...

  • LEELEN Reappears Hard-core Power at Jinan Hundred City Meeting
    • August 13. 2021

    On July 27, the 10th Smart Security Technology Exchange and Training Conference hosted by Shenzhen Security Industry Association, CPSE Security Expo and CPS Zhongan.com was successfully held in Jinan. As a leading company in the security industry, LEELEN was invited to participate the most advanced intelligent security products, technologies and solutions. On-site face-to-face communication and vi...

  • Contactless Demand has Become the Biggest Growth Driver for the Face Recognition Access Market
    • August 06. 2021

    According to research conducted by relevant institutions, the shipment volume of face recognition access control equipment increased by over 50% year-on-year in 2020, and the year-on-year growth was only 14% in 2019. Behind such a substantial increase is undoubtedly that the outbreak of the epidemic has spawned contactless demand and applications, which has driven a substantial increase in the dem...

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