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  • From What Aspects can Building Intercom Enter the Field of Smart Home
    • November 26. 2021

    As one of the necessary security systems for new houses, the building intercom system plays a huge role in the safety and intelligence of homes and communities. The system stays deep in households and occupies the entrances and exits of homes and communities. Users can operate and use anytime and anywhere, and have a certain user stickiness; its performance characteristics have natural advantages ...

  • 2020-2021 of the Global Access Control Market: Demand Drives Investment Growth
    • November 19. 2021

    For the public safety industry, the new coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic brings new opportunities as well as challenges. The demand for epidemic prevention and control has opened up the market for non-contact systems, especially in the field of access control. The application requirements of the access control system are more prominent. In the post-epidemic period, non-contact access control systems ...

  • Five Areas Affecting the Development of the Security Industry in 2021
    • November 12. 2021

    Smart Transportation Intelligent transportation is based on the framework of social digital governance, and is complementary to the creation of smart cities. As one of the important fields widely used in the security industry, intelligent transportation mainly involves urban road traffic video surveillance, motor vehicle traffic violation monitoring snapshots, smart bayonet, etc., in addition to i...

  • What Does the Security Alarm System Bring to Us?
    • November 05. 2021

    1. What does the security alarm system bring to us? The home alarm system provides us with three ways of guarding: security alarm, fire protection, and monitoring guard. Anti-theft aspect: Smart home system will automatically turn on "away from home mode" or "sleep mode", users no longer have to worry about forgetting to close doors and windows when going out or sleeping, which is nothing new. Fir...

  • What changes does smart home bring to life?
    • October 29. 2021

    The practicality of smart home is an unimaginable convenience for those who have never used it. No matter how you look at it, being able to use technology to solve all aspects of your life is always comfortable. So when smart homes can enter our lives, what changes does it bring? 1. Anti-theft alarm guards home safety. When an outsider tries to open the door and break in, the smart security system...

  • Smart Locks Gradually Occupy the Smart Home Equipment Market
    • October 22. 2021

    According to the latest consumer research by Parks Associates, 34% of broadband households in the United States have smart home devices, which is much higher than the 24% in 2018, indicating that the penetration rate of smart home products has been growing steadily in recent years. According to data from Parks Research, approximately 9% of broadband households in the United States report having at...

  • What are the benefits of smart access control?
    • October 15. 2021

    As we all know, the Internet of Things is to connect things to things. Always feel far in the sky, in fact close in front of you. For example, access control system applications. Of course, the transmission of the Internet of Things is widely used, and the smart access control system is just one of them. IoT data transmission applications can also be used in multiple application scenarios such as ...

  • Smart Building Intercom: Building a Security Line of Defense for Family and Community Linkage
    • September 30. 2021

    Whether in the home or in the community, the intelligent building intercom system plays an important role and is one of the indispensable security products. Driven by emerging technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, smart building intercom is no longer a single product, but has formed a complete system that integrates linked video surveillance, smart home, anti-th...

  • The Composition of the Visual Building Intercom System
    • September 18. 2021

    The requirements for intelligence, safety, and convenience in the community are getting higher and higher, and the visual building intercom system can solve these problems well. The visual building intercom system prevents the intrusion of outsiders, ensures the safety of the home, and plays a reliable preventive role. No matter day or night, you can clearly see outdoor visitors. At the same time,...

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