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  • Intelligent Building Intercom: Building a Security Line of Defense for Family and Community Linkage
    • May 07. 2021

    In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's social economy and the significant improvement of people's living standards, many people have begun to focus on creating a warm and convenient home environment, and smart homes have gradually entered people's lives. As an entry-level product for smart homes, the building intercom system also took this opportunity to develop rapidly in the...

  • Smart Security Empowers the Transformation of Old Communities and Accelerates Community Construction
    • April 29. 2021

    The demolition and reconstruction of old communities will not only increase the national economic burden, but also cause many inconveniences to the majority of residents. Compared with reconstruction, the investment in the transformation of old communities is smaller, and at the same time, some unnecessary troubles can be saved. Not only that, there are many hidden safety hazards in traditional co...

  • What are the new changes in the smart security system in 2021?
    • April 23. 2021

    Nowadays, with the continuous iterative update of the new generation of information technology, the update of security products has broken through the connotation of traditional monitoring and security, and has penetrated into the business applications of various industries, and intelligent security has entered a stage of rapid evolution. The security system includes access control system, monitor...

  • Why We're in the Midst of a Global Semiconductor Shortage
    • April 16. 2021

    One year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply and demand in the global economy have both gone haywire. With the huge government stimulus needed to combat this crisis, the so-called era of small government and unlimited globalization is truly at an end. President Biden has issued an executive order calling for an investigation into the national manufacturing base and supply chain infras...

  • Digital building intercom system becomes the market leader
    • April 09. 2021

    With the rapid development of my country's real estate industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the society as a whole has an increasing demand for building video intercom system products. Building intercom system technology has gradually developed. In the context of the rise of smart homes, the scale of industry market has exceeded 2 billion US dollars. In the future,...

  • What is the Impact of the Chip Shortage Crisis Sweeping the World on the Security Industry?
    • April 02. 2021

    Recently, a new round of core shortage crisis is sweeping the world, and industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and digital electronics are not spared, all of which are shrouded in the shadow of a shortage of chips. This wave of chip shortages has not only caused the automobile industry to walk on thin ice, but also the security industry. According to a CCTV financial report, due to the ...

  • The in-depth integration of smart communities promotes the development of building intercom
    • March 26. 2021

    Actively participate in the digital wave. Digital technology is an inevitable trend of social development, and community construction must follow the digital road. Digital technology has improved the performance of information collection, dissemination, processing, and display, and enhanced security and anti-interference capabilities. From a technical point of view, the digitalization of video int...

  • Which Sectors Should be Included in a Smart Community?
    • March 19. 2021

    1. Intelligent face recognition access control system As we all know, the access control system of the community is the first line of defense to ensure the safety of the community. The smart face recognition access control system of the smart community is installed at the entrance and exit of the community and at the entrance of the unit building. It makes full use of advanced and mature face reco...

  • Three Essential Lines of Defense for Smart Home Security Systems
    • March 12. 2021

    The first line of defense is smart locks. Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks have significantly improved safety and are more intelligent. Technically, the degree of encryption is 10 times higher than that of bank cards. It is almost impossible to violently interpret the smart door lock system with current technology. The smart lock has multiple unlocking methods such as mobile ...

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