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Feature Article | How to Develop the Building Intercom in the AI Era?(1)

  • 2019-04-24 17:08:56

The article was written by Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN the Institute of IoT, was published in the “China Security” magazine No.159 in the form of a feature article.

“China Security”, founded in 2006, is sponsored by the CSPIA (China Security & Protection Industry Association) and the Institute of Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Public Security. It is one of the authoritative magazines in China’s security industry.

1. The development of 2018 building intercom market

In 2018, the building intercom market was relatively stable and the market demand growth slowed down. According to industry statistics, the overall market growth was 12.97%. In 2018, the regulation of the real estate market has not been relaxed, especially in first-tier cities and second-tier cities. After the popularity in 2017, the third- and fourth-tier cities have gradually calmed down. As a building intercom product supporting real estate projects, it is closely related to the fate of real estate. The whole building intercom market tends to be saturated, but the market competition is also rational. With the cost reduction and the maturity of technology, the overall solution of the smart home and smart community has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and the market of traditional non-visual intercom has further shrunk. With the continuous maturity of AI technology applications such as face recognition, the building intercom industry has also set off a technological revolution in artificial intelligence. At present, mainstream companies in the industry have launched an intercom system of face recognition. With the development of the industry, the combination of face recognition and building intercom has become a trend.

(1) Market characteristics and changes: integrated develop, and pay attention to the segment

From the specific characteristics and changes, more and more building intercom manufacturers in 2018 launched a system of building intercom and smart home. In addition to the traditional intercom and unlocking function, the building intercom also integrates the functions of the smart home system, integrating lighting control, door and window control, HVAC control, home appliance control, audio and video control, smart door lock, smart security, intelligent health and many more. The smart home function enhances the value-added space and cost performance of the system, and brings a huge space for the expansion of functions.

Another feature is that in the era of rapid development of mobile internet, the building intercom extends from the traditional LAN communication range to the WAN cloud intercom system, which greatly improves the application range and value-added space of the building intercom system, and even extends to the smart community function. It is extremely suitable for the upgrade of the original building intercom system and the transformation of the old community. Compared with previous years, the building intercom market is more mature and fully competitive. In addition to the extension of system functions, basic building intercom products pay more attention to market segment demand, and products need to fully meet the needs of high, medium and low-end customers. High-end products focus on customized design, mid-end products focus on functionality, and low-end products focus on cost-effective. Only by meeting the various needs of the market segments, ensuring stable product quality and providing comprehensive product services, can we gain the favor of the market, establish product reputation and maintain brand longevity.

(2) Market demand: There is still much room for stock market and incremental market

The development of the building intercom industry is largely dependent on the development of the real estate industry. Every time regulate of the real estate market affects the market changes of building intercom companies. From the perspective of national real estate policy, on the one hand, in recent years, in the context of the country's vigorous promotion of economically affordable housing and security housing construction, the market demand for intercom products for low-end and mid-rise buildings has been significantly improved. On the other hand, with the implementation of the national smart city construction, the market demand for high-end building intercom products is also increasing. The application of high-definition video and face recognition in the field of building intercom has been accelerating, and the demand in the high-end market is strong. At the same time, after more than 20 years of development, many communities that have been equipped with building intercoms in the early days are facing problems such as disrepair and poor configuration, which poses hidden dangers to residents' daily life and community safety. Therefore, the equipment replacement requirements of the old community have also become a new round of market growth for the building intercom system.

Overall, regardless of the policy, the Chinese residential market will continue to develop. According to the relevant development strategy of the State Council, by 2020, China will build 10 billion square meters of residential buildings. The overall quality and supporting facilities will only get better and better. For intercom companies, whether it is a stock market or an incremental market, there is a large room for development of building intercom related products.

(3) Product technology innovation: AI and building intercom system continue to integrate

With the rapid development of the Internet and technologies, the pace of innovation of building intercom vendors is also accelerating to adapt to the changing market demand and industry trends of technology integration. Speech recognition, face recognition Identification, cloud intercom, big data, etc. have become the technological innovation elements of building intercom products in recent years.

The application of artificial intelligence technology is an important trend in the development of the security industry at this stage. Many domestic building intercom manufacturers have begun to apply artificial intelligence to the building intercom system. Based on the original access control intercom, add the application of biometric technology such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition and speech recognition greatly enhances the user experience of the product, and the product is more convenient, comfortable and safe in practical use. “Cloud Intercom” is an innovative technology application in building intercom products in recent years. Based on digital building intercom, “Cloud Intercom” connecting mobile terminals through cloud platform, which greatly extends the application range of building intercom. It can even expand more value-added application services. At present, cloud intercom is favored by the market and favored by real estate developers because of its high cost performance, convenient installation and value-added benefits. The market share of building intercom with cloud intercom function is rising rapidly.

(4) Solution upgrade: evolution to smart home, smart community overall solution

In the past two years, from the perspective of improving people's quality of life and the living environment, providing smart home solutions is one aspect of upgrading the building intercom products. On the other hand, in order to improve the level of community intelligence and the level of security, building intercom and community elevator system, parking system, video surveillance system interconnected to form a smart access control system to protect the community.

Through the smart community cloud platform, LEELEN integrates security subsystems such as building intercom, video surveillance, intelligent parking, and smart home, and uses the visual display interface to present various business functions to create a new smart community management model.

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