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Promote Green, Safe and Intelligent Buildings ,Create a vertical ecological shared space

  • 2020-04-07 13:21:44
  In the process of resuming production and production of enterprises, the intelligent management method of "civil defense + technical defense" was adopted, and the office building adopted a "cloud epidemic prevention platform". With the help of face recognition and intelligent call elevator technology, the efficiency of epidemic prevention in office buildings has been improved. The establishment of the "smart building" for epidemic prevention was realized.
  At present, with the rapid development and application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and old building management systems, it has become more and more outdated. There are many problems to be solved in the traditional building management system. For example, the decentralized management of various devices and the large number of subsystems make it impossible to centralize, associate the control and management of these devices, and the information cannot be transparent. High energy consumption, high management cost; extensive management, high equipment idle rate, energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction and operation mechanism is difficult to play a role; humanized experience design is difficult to achieve, lacking wisdom ability.
  Therefore, in the face of people's health, comfort, and safe living and office needs, we have launched a comprehensive deployment management solution, built an intelligent building management cloud platform, broke the isolation between systems, and promoted green, safe and intelligent Building and creating a vertical ecological shared space is also the future development direction of building construction.
  Safety. The intelligent building management system includes security solutions, such as intelligent access control, which can seamlessly access real-time intrusion monitoring and video surveillance to form an overall security defense solution. It also has personalized functions, such as encrypted communication mechanisms and identity recognition, to provide customers with a safe and comfortable smart environment experience; for example, by installing various sensors to obtain elevator operation data and predict potential hazards.
  Once the corresponding index is abnormal or reaches the critical value, the system will immediately notify the hidden danger in the property elevator, and promptly notify the technical staff to carry out maintenance.
  Through the intelligent camera installed in the elevator, the management personnel can view the real-time video of the car situation. When a trapped person occurs, the relevant person can be notified in real time via telephone and SMS, and video calls and rescues can be made.
  green. Building is the main carrier of energy waste, and building energy cost accounts for 30% of the total operating cost. Energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the top priority of enterprise management. On the one hand, buildings can use renewable energy and optimize the sustainable use of resources to achieve net zero energy consumption.
On the other hand, cloud management of sensing equipment can reduce initial investment, improve the management efficiency and energy efficiency of sensing equipment, and reduce the operating costs of buildings. For example, the construction equipment connected to the Internet through the Energy Internet of Things platform can realize the self-invocation of the equipment and the implementation of energy optimization strategies, and the unmanned operation of the intelligent lighting system to maximize the use of lighting energy consumption and inspection pressure.
  intelligent. With the help of a comprehensive building management system, whether the building manager sits in front of the computer or moves the office on the mobile phone, elevator operation, personnel movement, building equipment and building layout data are clear; management and control, Promote the compatibility of various open building control communication protocols, make air conditioning, lighting, elevators, security monitoring and other systems more intelligent and more efficient, and achieve intelligent processing of building events.
  In addition, the intelligent parking system is also a common problem faced by many building systems. Through license plate recognition and ETC technology, the camera can automatically recognize the license plate, and automatically open the barrier after recognition without manual intervention. When looking for a parking space, by using geomagnetic and ultrasonic sensors, you can see that the homeowner with a parking space can directly enter the empty parking space. When you leave, you can make non-sensual payments after getting approval.

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