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2021 Security and Protection Market Trend: Intelligent Technology Continues to Play a Role in the Security and Protection Industry

  • 2021-03-04 17:29:25

1. Cloud storage, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies in the era of smart security

Intelligent video analysis software will have more applications that are commercial. The development of AI deep learning technology has accelerated the commercial application of intelligent video analysis in the security industry and promoted the development of the field to large-scale enterprise level analysis. In the post-epidemic era, more and more companies use video surveillance as an important way to help them continue their business. For example, smart cameras can monitor the indoor situation of public places and use object detection applications to ensure that no suspicious items are left behind. It is expected that in 2021, intelligent video analysis software will get more applications that are commercial.

Contactless solutions continue to develop, and cloud storage technology has attracted much attention. Under the new crown epidemic, the application of non-contact access technology is becoming more and more common. Many users tend to choose non-contact solutions to minimize unnecessary contact. Therefore, solutions such as vehicle recognition will become more popular in 2021. At the same time, the pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the growing possibility of the Internet of Things have brought more development opportunities to cloud storage technology.

2. The standardization organization ONVIF further improves the interoperability of intelligent applications

At present, ONVIF has successfully released Profile S for basic video streaming, Profile G for video recording and storage, Profile C for physical access control, Profile Q for the current function improvement, and for a wider range of physical Profile A for access control configuration, and Profile T for advanced video streaming.

The development of intelligent technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and the new normal in the post-epidemic era will continue to affect the development of the security and protection industry. Therefore, the technological trend of the security and protection industry will largely depend on advances in intelligent video surveillance, analysis and cloud storage. In terms of building intercom, LEELEN's Touch Screen Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 10 and Four Wire Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 15 are also keeping up with the times. As the world's leading open standardization organization, ONVIF will continue to provide efficient and flexible solutions in 2021, and continue to promote the development of interoperability of physical security systems.

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