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AI helps building intercom to upgrade smart

  • 2020-08-13 09:48:09

With the application of artificial intelligence technology, the building intercom system as the entrance to the smart community realizes multiple functional extensions such as the identity confirmation, identity authentication, the access control, security monitoring, human-computer interaction, etc. through the combination of artificial intelligence technology. It not only improves the quality of life at home and the management efficiency, but also uses more accurate data analysis capabilities of the system cloud platform, which based on scenario settings, to better improve the quality of life and realize system value-added services.

At the same time, the construction of large-scale projects of Smart City and Snow Engineering has also promoted the acceleration of building intercom intelligence. At present, most of the community intercom systems in our country use ID cards, that is, when entering or leaving a community or building, the door opened by swiping the ID card. A seemingly simple action of swiping the card to open the door, but there are major disadvantages and potential safety hazards. If you forget to bring the card, it will cause inconvenience for the residents to enter and exit the community. The community property has a limited number of cards for each resident, so add one card needs to pay extra fees. If the card is lost and found by criminals, they can open the door at will, or manual verification must be used in the verification of affordable housing.

Building intercom under the blessing of artificial intelligence is of great significance to end consumers and community management. At the consumer level, you only need to go to the property to register your faces in advance. When you pass the camera area, you will be automatically captured. After the comparison is successful, the door will open automatically and no additional access card is required. Especially when shopping is over and carrying a bunch of items, there is no need to go through a cumbersome process of "putting things-looking for keys-opening the door-carrying things again". Moreover, face recognition opens the door very quickly, and the recognition can be completed in less than 1 second. When there are new people, such as parents, who come to live together, they can go to the property to register their faces without paying for the card. In addition, face recognition technology can support 1:N matching, multi-angle recognition, and is not affected by hairstyle, makeup, and glasses. Therefore, even if they change their hairstyles or change their glasses, residents do not need to worry about not being able to get in, nor do they need to go to the property registration again.

For property management, after using the building intercom system with face recognition function, residents only need to register their face information at the same time when they check in. Even if there are new people, the residents will take the initiative to do so, which is convenient for the community. It can also manage various lists. For residents, salesperson, couriers, and criminals, you can set up different management lists. Face recognition technology supports dynamic video facial capture. In addition to discovering blacklisted characters, the system can automatically alert in real time. You can also capture all the faces that appear in the video, and the pictures will be automatically stored in the system for later queries.

Of course, the application of AI in the building intercom is not only about face recognition. The application of artificial intelligence technology in China is an important trend in the development of the security industry at this stage. Many domestic building intercom manufacturers have begun to integrate artificial intelligence into building intercoms system. Based on the original access intercom system, new biometric technology applications such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and voice recognition are added in the system, which greatly improves the user experience of the product, and the product is more convenient, comfortable and safe in actual life.

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