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Application And Security Of Smart Lock

  • 2020-01-10 16:43:25

Smart locks have the characteristics of simple operation and easy-to-understand functions. Some smart locks also work with smart voice navigation functions to clearly understand the working status of door locks. People can open door locks through fingerprints, passwords, cards, and other methods. Make it easier for users to operate.

1.Application of smart lock
After the security problems of smart locks frequently appear, some smart locks use the virtual password function application, that is, enter any number in front of or behind the correct password as a virtual password, which can effectively prevent the danger of password leakage and open the door at the same time. lock. Also, the application of biometric fingerprint identification uses a unique fingerprint unique to the human body as a door lock key, which is convenient and safe.
For general security doors, it is easy to open the door through the small hole of the cat's eye and turn the handle with a wire, making the security door with cat's eye has low security. However, today ’s smart locks have added a safety handle button to the handle settings in the room. The cat lock needs to be turned off before the door lock can be opened, which greatly reduces the chance of opening the door and improves the security of the smart home.
2.Smart lock security
(1) Intelligent automatic mortise lock body. The security right of the smart lock is reflected in the hardware, and several protective shields are added to the chip of the smart lock.
(2) full voice prompts. For smart locks, there is no voice without smart locks, and the door will alert you when the door is closed.
(3) Remote monitoring door opening record. The smart lock app can view the door opening records in real time, and app alarms for thieves and other attempts to unlock the door to ensure the safest state when no one is at home.
(4)Temporary password generation. Sometimes it is inconvenient to open the door, you can send it to the person who wants to enter the door through a temporary password, the password will automatically expire within a period, and other security unlocking measures.
(5) anti-peeping virtual password. Supports 18-bit virtual password unlock. When you open the door, you can add any virtual password before or after the real password, which can be verified successfully and effectively prevent the password from being peeped.
(6)Home care homes are safer. The smart lock has a camera. When receiving a detection alarm from the camera, it can interact with the lock to notify neighbors and friends nearby, send a one-time password remotely, contact the danger in the home, and display the people outside the door in real time through the cat's eyes on the smart lock In the mobile APP, it is displayed whether it is a real person or not to prevent illegal elements from entering.

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