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Building Intercom Digitalization is Moving Towards Popularization

  • 2019-02-14 16:52:14

With the development of building intercom, digital intercom has become a necessity. At the 2018 Security China, digital intercom products are also the products promoted by major manufacturers, such as various IP digital building intercom systems, the cloud intercom system with strong compatibility and real-time monitoring.

Compared with the previous analog intercom system, in many respects, the digital intercom system has more advantages than the analog intercom system.

Network technology

TCP/IP network technology has the advantage that bus technology can't match. The TCP/IP protocol is currently the most popular open standard in the world and is replacing the previous hybrid networking. Its adoption can avoid the incompatibility disadvantages caused by bus technology, and transmit security signals, home appliance control signals and three-table acquisition signals, audio and video signals, etc. through the network.

System wiring

The analog intercom system has a large amount of wiring engineering and high service cost, and cannot be integrated into the community integrated network. Digital intercom system wiring is much more convenient. Since the digital video intercom system uses TCP/IP to transmit signals such as sound, data, and video images, a network cable can solve all problems which greatly simplify the wiring engineering. It makes the installation and debugging of the building intercom system easier and the construction period is greatly shortened.

Functional range

The function of the analog intercom system is relatively simple. In addition to supporting simple information publishing functions, it is mainly limited to functions such as calling and unlocking, and the device usage rate is low. The IP network of the indoor unit of the digital video intercom system has strong scalability. It can not only realize the traditional video intercom but also provide multimedia information transmission, broadcasting, security alarm, smart home, video surveillance, etc. The function has become the core hub of the “digital home”.


Nowadays, the development of the community is getting bigger and bigger. If the analog intercom system is used, the transmission distance can be extended to several kilometers by a solution such as a video amplifier, but the cost is too high. The TCP/IP-based digital intercom system uses broadband carrier technology to achieve low-cost long-distance transmission.

At present, the digital intercom application is gradually improving in the whole industry. Especially with the demand of the consumer market, the digital intercom system integrating multiple functions has already reached thousands of households.

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