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Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen

  • 2018-02-02 10:36:48

Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen

Leelen Model 10 touch phone for door alarm is one of the best popular products in China because of its Enhanced features and functionality as well as its simple beautiful appearance. This outdoor station is also a video touch phone for door alarm system which can bring your more reality security. Outdoor camera with unlock function for house intercom is becoming more and more important and common in our daily life especially in nowadays modern building. This capacitive touch outdoor station with high waterproof class will make your satisfaction.


Product brief introduction:

Video Touch Phone for Door Alarm System

Outdoor Camera with Unlock Function for House Intercom

China Capacitive Touch Outdoor Station with High Waterproof Class


Basic Functions: 

Call Indoor Unit or Management Unit to Intercom or Unlock;

Link with access controller or elevator controller to control elevator;

Leave voice-message, with snapshot photos;

Play advertisement;

Extendable access control;

Vandal-resistant Alarm support;

Technical Parameters:


Working Voltage: DC18-24V

Max Power Consumption: 8W

Standby Power Consumption: 4W

IP Grade: IP54

Capacity of Cards: 30,000 pcs

Panel Material: Alum +Tempered Glass

Working Temp: -40 to 55

Operation:Touch Pushbutton

Installation: Embedded/ Iron Gate

Dimension(mm): 170×386×54

Embedded Box Dim(mm):142×358×64

Color: Aluminum Color

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