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  • Digital Video Intercom System
    • July 21. 2017

    Digital Video Intercom System Digital Video Intercom System completely adopts TCP/IP technology for all Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Guard Units, etc. Combined with the latest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology to realize the system functions, there is no need intermediate devices to connect the Internet, which i...

  • V32 7-inch IP Color Video Intercom Indoor Unit
    • August 04. 2017
    V32 7-inch IP Color Video Intercom Indoor Unit

    Network Door Answer Intercom V32 7-inch IP Color Video Intercom Indoor phone uses the stylish PMMA panel material, Taiwan imported TFT LCD screen, colorful, high brightness , low radiation; and the 7-inch professional display screen will bring your HD visual enjoyment. This Precision Touch IP Intercom Doorbell with high sensitivity capacitive screen and precision touch performance will give you a ...

  • Intercom Talkback Door Phone Equipment
    • August 04. 2017
    Intercom Talkback Door Phone Equipment

    Intercom is also called as talkback and door phone, which is a stand-alone communication system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently by intercommunication device. In LEELEN, there are audio and video intercom systems, villa intercoms and intercoms developed for the apartments in a collective building. Int...

  • Video Intercom Development
    • August 18. 2017

    Video Intercom Industry has been achieving great progress up to now. From simple function of communication, unlocking to linkage control function of burglar alarm and information publish; from black-white video doorphone system to  color video doorphone system.   Along with the people's continuous requirements on security management and property management of the community, the main requ...

  • Large Screen Indoor Monitor
    • August 18. 2017

    This apartment indoor phone adopts the concise design concept with the full touch  screen which can bring you a whole new experience. as the part of IP intercom system,  E70 has the advantage of new advanced system. IP intercom system is also called security  door phone entry systemwhich has the features of  better communication quality, clear ...

  • The Changes and Challenges of Building Intercom System Industry
    • August 18. 2017

    The changes and challenges of building intercom system industry 1.     Changes of the market’s demand From analog system to digital system, the development of the building intercom system has witness the development process of our age. Recently, the demand of this industry moves toward 4 directions. First, from the full-digital toward semi-digital and semi-analog; Secondly, fro...

  • Leelen digital intercom system
    • January 26. 2018

    Video building intercom system is one set system serve for modern building, including apartment, villa, as well as office building, garage, warehouse, etc. Residents can use this system for a lot of functions such as remote unlocking without in a reality situation opening the door, video and voice intercom can bring residents more secure, especially for children and olds at home alone. One interco...

  • Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen
    • February 02. 2018
    Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen

    Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen Leelen Model 10 touch phone for door alarm is one of the best popular products in China because of its Enhanced features and functionality as well as its simple beautiful appearance. This outdoor station is also a video touch phone for door alarm system which can bring your more reality security. Outdoor camera with unlock function for house interc...

  • The Development Tendency of Cloud Intercom Products
    • August 30. 2018

    Building Intercom Industry developed a lot in recent years by people’s increasingly aware of security as well as the rapid development of technology. With the coming of the Digital Age, traditional building intercom products cannot satisfy the needs of modern digital life. So people constantly extend the function and upgrade technology. Cloud Intercom products came into being. Cloud intercom produ...

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