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Commercial Biometrics will Still Maintain High Speed, but Information Security is Already on the Agenda

  • 2021-02-07 11:01:24

In recent years, artificial intelligence technology based on machine vision is being closely integrated with the field of security applications, bringing tangible advances and changes to all walks of life. Among them, biometric recognition technology represented by face recognition has blossomed in all directions. Industrialized applications go deep into various subdivisions, which can be described as pervasive.

Especially in the field of public security, it involves photo detectives and big data analysis in public security business, and realizes the identification and arrest of criminal suspects with the help of face recognition. In the field of traffic, it captures traffic violations based on the identification of traffic participants. The use of face recognition technology in commercial buildings can realize real-time monitoring of entrances and exits, etc., and biometric products and applications are becoming more abundant and diversified.

LEELEN also the trend and applied face recognition technology to the building intercom industry. Such as Best Home Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 16N and 5-inch TFT Screen Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 16. In addition to facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, posture recognition, etc., with the continuous enrichment and refinement of end/edge devices, through the cooperation of cloud processing, an architecture model of end/edge collection and recognition + cloud processing/training/storage is formed. This will also be the general form of products and systems in the biometrics industry in the next few years.

However, what needs to be vigilant is that cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence extensively in various fields to enhance their ability to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. Especially the existence of "black production chain" involving biological characteristics makes people question the necessity of face recognition.

More and more people realize that the application of biometric identification technology is not as wide as possible, but there is a degree of problem. Therefore, for a long time to come, we may need to further improve laws and standardize technology applications. At the same time, we need to strengthen network information security and develop various methods to verify the authenticity of content, equipment, and applications.

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