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Development forecast of building intercom industry in the second half of 2020

  • 2020-08-27 10:35:25

As China gradually enters the 5G era and the rapid development of Internet technology, the construction of smart cities and building intercom technology have also been constantly improved under the impetus of the Internet of things and big data. In addition to two-wire non-visual intercom systems and analog building intercom systems, there are also semi-digital and semi-analog building intercom systems and face recognition digital intercom systems, cloud intercom system, etc. As an entry-level product for smart communities and communities, the building intercom system is one of the important components and plays an important role in ensuring the safety of communities and families. As our country's policies favor the construction of smart communities, the overall development forecast of the building intercom industry in the second half of 2020 will show the following characteristics.

Face recognition intercom technology will gradually become a development trend

Many years ago, face recognition technology was widely used in many fields. With the continuous improvement of people’s safety awareness, building intercom systems with face recognition technology have gradually become one of the indispensable and important security facilities in smart communities. It is easy to install and use. People only need to swipe the face who can complete the identification of entering and exiting the gate of the community in 1 second or less than 1 second. While easily entering and exiting the community, it can better protect the property and life safety of you and your family.

The cloud intercom system is becoming more and more popular among young owners

Cloud intercom appeared a few years ago. It is a new type of building intercom system, which appeared when the Internet developed to a certain stage. It is different from other building intercom systems in that as long as there is mobile phone and wifi coverage, the APP in the mobile phone can realize the function of communicating with visitors or unlocking the door. The cloud intercom system better protects the lives, property and health of you and your family, and brings you and your family a safer and more convenient life.

Artificial intelligence promotes the upgrading of building intercom technology

With the continuous deepening of the application of artificial intelligence technology in the building intercom industry, the building intercom system combined with artificial intelligence technology can realize multiple functions such as identity confirmation, identity authentication, and access control, security monitoring and human-computer interaction. In this way, it not only greatly improves the quality of life and management efficiency, but also improves the quality of life and realizes system value-added services.

Color building intercom system becomes a trend

      The traditional building intercom system only has ordinary intercom and unlocking functions. After more than two decades of development, the color building intercom system on the market now has several types such as digital intercom, analog intercom and digital-analog intercom, etc. The main equipment of the color building intercom system has various appearances and many optional functions, especially indoor stations. Compared with non-visual intercom, its advantages are obvious. The building intercom system with face recognition and fingerprint recognition can better protect you and your family's safety.

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