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Discussion On The Development Trend of Intelligent Building Intercom

  • 2019-11-08 19:10:42
The building intercom industry is also becoming more and more intelligent as the market demand changes. With the help of the Internet economy, the technological changes in building products are changing with each passing day. Especially with the continuous maturity of AI technology applications such as face recognition, the building intercom industry has also set off a technological revolution in artificial intelligence.
1. The integration of development focuses on subdivision
In addition to the traditional intercom unlocking function, the building intercom system also integrates the functions of the smart home system, integrating lighting control, door and window control, home appliance control, audio and video control, smart door lock, smart security, intelligent health and many other smart home functions. It has increased the value-added space and cost performance of the system, and brought a huge space for the expansion of functions. Another feature is that in the era of rapid development of mobile internet, the building intercom extends from the traditional LAN communication range to the WAN cloud intercom system, which greatly improves the application range and value-added space of the building intercom system, and even extends to the smart community function. It is extremely suitable for the upgrade of the original building intercom system and the transformation of the old community.
The building intercom market is more mature and fully competitive. In addition to the extension of system functions, the basic building intercom products pay more attention to the market demand, and the products need to fully meet the requirements of different customers. High-end products focus on customized design, mid-end products focus on functionality, and low-end products focus on cost-effective.
2.All digital building intercom products will replace semi-digital / analog products
From the perspective of market performance, the technology of all-digital building intercom products has gradually matured. Compared with traditional building intercom calls, unlocking and other simple functions, digital building intercom is not only limited in transmission distance, but also integrates various functions such as home appliance control and community service, and it is convenient to install and debug, which is beneficial to shorten engineering cycle and save expenditure.
3.A variety of platform interoperability
On the basis of traditional products, the integration of third-party payment, smart city, video surveillance, community o2o e-commerce and other integrated life service platforms and community operation platforms will become the development trend of building intercom products. At this stage, more and more building intercom manufacturers have begun to penetrate the smart home and smart community, combining building intercom systems with smart homes and smart communities to bring smarter and more convenient lives to the industry. The trend of development.
4.TCP/IP protocol building video intercom has become mainstream
With the continuous growth of the number of households in the domestic community, the installation is convenient, the function is strong, and the security has become the condition for many users to choose the intercom products. The digital system of the TCP/IP protocol has multiple advantages, such as good scalability, low overall cost, and the like. The TCP/IP networking method not only solves the problem of long-distance transmission, but also gives the system extremely scalability.
5. The integration of AI and building intercom system
The application of artificial intelligence technology is an important trend in the development of the security industry at this stage. Many domestic building intercom manufacturers have begun to apply artificial intelligence to the building intercom system, and added face recognition based on the original access control intercom. The application of biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition and speech recognition greatly enhances the user experience of the product, and the product is more convenient, comfortable and safe in practical use. "Cloud Intercom" is an innovative technology application in building intercom products in recent years. "Cloud Intercom" is based on digital building intercom, connecting mobile terminals through cloud platform, which greatly extends the application range of building intercom. It can even expand more value-added application services.
Building intercoms under artificial intelligence blessings are significant for both end consumers and community managers. At the consumer level, you only need to go to the property to register the face in advance. When they pass the camera area, they will be automatically captured. If the comparison is successful, the door will open automatically and no additional access card will be needed. Especially when shopping is over, when you are carrying a bunch of items, you don't need to go through a cumbersome process like "putting things - finding keys - opening doors - then picking things up." Moreover, face recognition opens very quickly and can be recognized in less than one second. When there are new people, such as parents living together, you can go directly to the property to register face, without having to pay for the card. In addition, face recognition technology can support multi-angle recognition, regardless of hair style, makeup, glasses, so even if you change your hair style, or change a pair of glasses, residents do not need to worry about not entering the door, and do not need to re-register the property.

6. The evolution of the overall solution to smart families and smart communities
From the perspective of improving people's quality of life and improving the living environment, building intercom as the entrance and providing smart home solutions is an aspect of the upgrading of building intercom products. On the other hand, in order to improve the level of community intelligence and improve the level of security, building intercom and community elevator system, parking system, video surveillance system interconnected to form a smart access control system to protect the community.
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