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During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, the Evolution of the Market Competition Pattern of Building Intercom and Access Control

  • 2020-12-17 15:26:03

With the application of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G, the development of building intercom and the access control are becoming more and more diversified in functions, diversified operations, intelligent management and services. Due to the rapid growth of market demand and intensified competition, the competition pattern of the building intercom and access control markets is constantly changing.

1. Competition between Building Intercom Companies

During the13th Five-Year Plan period, my country is building intercom and access control market has developed rapidly. Domestic brands have been in a leading position in the industry due to their geographical advantages and understanding the real needs of local customers. Representatives from Guangdong ANJUBAO, Shenzhen Legrand, Xiamen LEELEN, Fujian AURINE and other manufacturers, continue to invest heavily in product research and development, build product advantages and build the brand image. Many small and medium-sized enterprises with low R&D investment, simple product functions will gradually be eliminated by the market.

2. Security industry manufacturers cross-border to seize the market

After more than 20 years of development, security companies are now in the stage of reshuffle and transformation. From the perspective of security development, video surveillance and the access control are still the main theme of security, but traditional security that can only be viewed manually by monitors and dumb-style will eventually be eliminated by the market. The number of pure security equipment suppliers is gradually decreasing, and diversified operations have become the norm. The combination of building intercom, security management, and the Internet will be promising. Leading by HIKVISION and DAHUA, they broke industry boundaries and entered the building and apartment intercom and access control markets, and continued to increase R&D investment in smart products to enhance competitiveness.

3. Cross-border cooperation under the trend of intelligence

It is not only the building and apartment intercom companies like LEELEN that enter the intelligent community, but also real estate companies, property companies, JD, Xiaomi, 360 and other Internet giants, as well as IT and basic network providers such as Huawei and Xingwang Ruijie. All parties entered the game, and market competition became increasingly fierce.

With the development of emerging technologies and market economy, the degree of building intelligence is constantly improving. The single-function building intercom and access control system can no longer meet the market demand. The building intercom and access control system are used as entrances to integrate smart parking and video. Multi-systems such as monitoring, security management, property services, and smart community solutions with device access, public components, and cloud business intelligent applications are an inevitable trend in the development of building intercom and access control systems, and diversified operations will become the norm.

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