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Exclusive Interview--- The Use of AI in the Security Industry

  • 2019-01-03 19:38:10

Recently, Wang Yuanchun, the vice president of LEELEN IoT Technology Research Institute, accepted an exclusive interview with Smart Home magazine and talked about the use of AI in the security industry.

AI combines smart communities to build a complete community portal

When the smart community entered the AI era, the product category became richer and the corresponding fields were more extensive. As a large system, the smart community consists of subsystems such as smart family and smart access control. Building intercom has natural connection properties in the community and naturally becomes the entrance product of smart home and smart community.

Building intercom is usually presented in the form of a screened indoor station in the home. It can be used as a multi-screen interactive interface for smart homes, and it can also function as a gateway in some small systems. At the same time, the outdoor station connects the community to the home. Building intercom became an important factor in building a complete smart home and smart community solution.

Face recognition technology has a wide range of applications, and the value displayed in building intercom equipment is also very obvious. With the help of face recognition technology, building intercom system not only clarifies the identity information of people but also shortens the time spent by the owner in the process of entering and leaving.

For the safety protection of family entrances in the community, LEELEN promotes new products. At the Security China that ended not long ago, LEELEN launched a new series of fingerprint locks to improve the safety and convenience of the process of entering the door.

AI combined with a smart home to extend multiple application areas

In smart home scenarios, voice interactions are becoming more widespread. Through cooperation with Baidu, Ali, Xiaomi, Jingdong, Xunfei, and other large platforms, LEELEN connects the smart home system with major voice platforms and integrates intelligent voice hardware. Through the voice cloud recognition processing and local offline processing, the voice control function of the smart home is realized. And more smart home products and service contents are integrated to construct a complete smart home system.

In addition to speech recognition technology, video recognition technology is also accelerating. LEELEN combines AI with health monitoring to redefine health monitoring solutions. Through the remote audio and video, the company’s office workers can learn about the living conditions of the elderly and children at home. With the help of AI recognition technology and big data analysis, with the behavior analysis provided by the cloud platform, we can timely to know whether family members have encountered special emergency situations.

LEELEN will also consider integrating the indoor station screen with the smart panel, optimizing the product structure, and further improving the smart home subsystem, thus ensuring and laying the foundation for the smart community system.

For the future product direction of the company, Wang Yuanchun said that LEELEN will always focus on the community, explore user needs, enrich product categories, cooperate with more third-party products, realize the interconnection of communities and families, and strive to become a smart family. And smart community overall device solution provider.

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