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Feature Article | How to Develop the Building Intercom in the AI Era?(2)

  • 2019-04-24 17:10:29

2. The development trend of the building intercom market in 2019

(1) AI becomes the mainstream trend of security industry development

Security industry is one of the best industries of AI applications, such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, video analysis, etc. After years of development, AI technology has become mainstream of security industry. Artificial intelligence is making a huge "invasion" of the entire security industry, including building intercom.

(2) AI chip manufacturers get together

AI chips have become the driving force for the combination of hardware and software in the era of artificial intelligence, and have become the key to reducing costs and integrating segments in the security market. Building intercom manufacturers need to optimize the overall function, technical indicators, stability, power consumption, cost, etc. of the system by selecting a reasonable chip solution to maintain the competitiveness of the product.

(3) Face recognition has become a standard for building intercom

From the perspective of development trends, whether it is building intercom outdoor unit, smart door lock, smart access control, pedestrian gates, etc., face recognition is widely used as an important means of security and access.

In 2019, driven by the trend of Internet of Things, mobile internet and artificial intelligence technology, the building intercom market has changed significantly in the following aspects:

a. Products meet individual needs

From the perspective of consumption, building intercom has become one of the most widely used products in the security industry, and has become an indispensable system in life. After so many years of development, the problem of homogenization of building intercom products is very serious. Based on the full judgment of the mature building intercom market, LEELEN pays more attention to the needs of the segment, in addition to injecting new elements into traditional products. While realizing the digitization of a full range of building intercom products, it fully meets the needs of customers in high, medium and low end, and even in different regions. In the product design, the building intercom products can be fully compatible, mixable and versatile.

b. Cloud intercom application

From the product point of view, the building intercom technology has experienced the transformation of 4n type - bus type - LAN type - Internet type. The early analog video intercom system has many limitations. The mathematical video intercom completely adopts TCP/IP technology, which lays the foundation for interconnection and interoperability. The stability, reliability, and maintainability and expandability of system have been greatly improved. . Cloud intercom is the development trend of the Internet of building intercom products. It is more flexible, convenient in application, and easy to realize value-added services. Today, smartphones and tablets have become part of people's lives. Implementing the building intercom extension function on mobile phones meets the usage habits of most people, and expands the use space to enhance the user experience. The emergence of “cloud intercom” reduces the user's dependence on the building intercom indoor unit. The indoor unit can be simplified to reduce the system cost, and the platformized and large-scale cloud application can be gradually realized. “Cloud Intercom” can fully tap the needs of market, especially suitable for upgrading and transforming old communities.

c. Artificial intelligence for a better user experience

The application of artificial intelligence technology in specific industries must be adapted and optimized by actual application scenarios. Otherwise, it will only bring new problems and unstable factors. Artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition are gradually becoming standard on building intercom products. At the same time, their performance technical indicators need to be continuously improved, allowing users to obtain a better product experience.

LEELEN’s face recognition outdoor unit took the lead through the face recognition host certification test of the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. The dynamic identification rate test industry is the best, the LFW international test set pass rate is over 99.9%, and the misrecognition rate is less than 0.01%.

d. Promote the development of smart family

As the country vigorously develops smart city construction, smart communities and smart families, which are the basic component of a smart city, have also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. As a bridge between the community and the family, the building intercom has a natural entrance attribute and is an indispensable part of the smart community and the smart family. In order to realize the integration of community and family systems, some enterprises have also joined the industry competition of building intercom with the help of smart communities and smart homes, such as Hikvision, Dahua, Haier, Hisense, Mideae Changhong et c., joined the ranks of building intercom and smart home.

The combination of building intercom and smart home system further enhances the value-added space of the intercom system, which makes the system cost-effective, and thus obtains a wider application market. Building intercom is usually presented in the form of a screened terminal in the home. It can be used as a multi-screen interactive interface for smart homes, and it can function as a gateway in some small systems. After the integration of cloud intercom APP and smart home, users can operate the building intercom and smart home functions on an APP. In the smart home, users can get a lot of intelligent life enjoyment such as lighting control, door and window control, HVAC control, home appliance control, audio and video control, smart door lock, smart security, smart health and so on. As the cost of smart home products gradually reduced and functions are continuously improved, it will accelerate into thousands of households.

e. Promote the development of smart communities

People's requirements for the community environment are no longer limited to living facilities, transportation and other hardware facilities, but more attention to the safety and comfort of the living environment. Building intercom is an important equipment in home, community information, improving the quality of living and property services. .

Simple building intercom products can no longer meet the needs of the market.

Nowadays, the smart community has entered the AI era, and the product categories have become richer, and the corresponding fields are also more extensive. Taking LEELEN's smart community system as an example, in the community scene, the community entrances and exits relying on face recognition technology, the family entrances and exits relying on fingerprint recognition technology, and the parking lot entrances and exits relying on license plate recognition technology. It realize the connection of people, vehicles and systems. It not only provides a practical and cost-effective property management solution, but also raises the overall security level of the community to a higher level. For access control and vehicle management, it realizes functions such as face recognition, person-to-person comparison, fingerprint recognition, license plate recognition and unattended operation. Among them, LEELEN intelligent access control system supports face recognition, fingerprint, Bluetooth, QR code, mobile APP, IC card, password and other ways to open the door. The mining and application of community big data has improved the intelligent management level of smart and safe communities.

The management system of the affordable housing in the market is uneven. Most of them cannot distinguish whether the information of the applicants is consistent with the actual situation and effectively supervise the residents. To this end, LEELEN's comprehensive social security housing management program takes face recognition as the core, accurately grasps the status information of residential houses and personnel, and monitors the lessee's violations. It also allows residents to experience face recognition without feeling in and out, significantly improve household satisfaction, effectively solve regulatory problems, achieve comprehensive coverage of affordable housing management, and fully meet the needs of all parties in the management of affordable housing.

As an important information device for the community and the family, the building intercom system can realize more powerful functions and diversified value-added services through the smart community cloud platform. The Smart Community Cloud Platform closely links users, families, properties, communities, and government services to provide users with a variety of intelligent management and services to make people's lives better.

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