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How Biometric Technology Can Help Security?

  • 2019-03-25 14:42:15

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and network technology, information security becomes more and more important. With its unique stability, uniqueness, and convenience, biometric technology has been increasingly used in security, video surveillance, building intercom, and smart communities. Biometrics technology is the combination of computer and optical, acoustic, biosensor and bio-statistical principles, using the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body (such as fingerprint, faces, irises, etc.) to identify individuals.

Fingerprint recognition technology

Fingerprint recognition technology is to verify people’s identity by comparing his fingerprint with a pre-saved fingerprint. Each person’s fingerprints are different, unique and never change all over his life. Thanks to modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and algorithm research, fingerprint recognition has become the most widely used and most mature technology in biometrics.

Palm print recognition technology

Palm print recognition technology is a relatively new biometric recognition technology. It recognizes the identity by recognizing the palm image from the end of the finger to the wrist. It is a non-invasive identification method, which is relatively easy for users to accept and does not require high collection equipment.

Iris recognition technology

Iris recognition technology base on the iris in the eye for identification. The structure of the human eye is composed of the sclera, the iris, the pupillary lens, and the retina. After the iris formed in the fetal development stage, it will remain unchanged throughout the life course. These characteristics determine the uniqueness of the iris characteristics and determine the uniqueness of the identity. Therefore, the iris the eye can be used as an identification object for each person.

Face recognition technology

Face recognition technology refers to the use of computer technology for analysis and comparison to identify faces. When the device detects the motion, it first determines whether there is a face, and if there is a face, further gives the position and size of each face and the position information of each major facial organ. Based on this information, the identity features contained in each face are further extracted and compared with known faces to identify the identity of each face.

The generalized face recognition actually includes a series of related technologies for constructing the face recognition system, including face image acquisition, face localization, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation and identity search; while the narrow face recognition feature refers to a technique or system in which a face performs identity verification or identity lookup.


Biometrics technology is not only safe, convenient, and manageable, but most importantly, it is more in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. In future applications, the use of multiple biometrics will also become the focus of the application.

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