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Intercom Talkback Door Phone Equipment

  • 2017-08-04 15:25:54

Intercom is also called as talkback and door phone, which is a stand-alone communication system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently by intercommunication device. In LEELEN, there are audio and video intercom systems, villa intercoms and intercoms developed for the apartments in a collective building. Intercommunication equipment is generally mounted in buildings, embedded or surface-mounting. Some are equipped with video, and its wiring can be connected to the outside while controlling an electric lock.


Guard Unit (Master Station or Base Station) 


Guard unit is known as Master Station and Base Station, which can control the intercom system, in other word, initiate a call with any of the outdoor units, release messages and announcements, receive and record alarm and help information, monitor outdoor units, etc. over the whole system.

In general, our guard unit has video intercom function and video surveillance function. Video intercom function includes alarm record, help record, intercom record, answer intercom, call intercom, etc. Video surveillance function means that the user can select target equipment for surveillance and unlocking.


Outdoor Unit (Door Station) 


Outdoor unit of LEELEN is able to initiate a call to a guard unit / master station and indoor unit / indoor phone to have video intercom. The other one important function is that the user can swipe the card on the outdoor unit to unlock the door, or call guard unit to unlock the door. They are typically weather-proof, but shall not be exposed in the sun, rain, high temperature or strong magnetic field environment.


Indoor Unit (Intercom Station or Indoor Monitor) 


Indoor unit, known as intercom station and indoor monitor, is capable of initiating and receiving calls, individual conversation and signaling. Indoor unit can answer intercom, hang up, unlock the door and call management center. Indoor unit is able to manage information, such as visitor information, alarm information, community information and so on. The more important function is safety management function. Arming and disarming, alarm and eliminate alarm, emergency help, etc.

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