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Interview --- Smart Community Construction (1)

  • 2018-11-27 15:15:54

With the continuous advancement of the building of Smart City, the Smart Community and the IoT, which are the basic components of Smart City, are also the important invest and building point.

LEELEN is a professional equipment supplier of Smart Community and Smart Family total resolutions. After 25 years of development, LEELEN has constantly introduced advanced technology and launched a series of products which including LEELEN Building Intercom, Smart Home, Video Surveillance, and Intelligent Parking Management. LEELEN is the drafting unit of national standards and industry standards, and at the same time, LEELEN is the dominant unit and team leader of the drafting group of Building Intercom International Standard(IEC62820).

Recently, Mr. Tang Shuhe, the general manager of Xiamen LEELEN Software Co., Ltd, accepted the interview of “China Security” and shared with the readers the experience of LEELEN in the construction of smart communities and the future plan.

Q:  The construction of smart communities has been proposed for several years. What is the current market demand for smart communities?

Mr. Tang: As far as the domestic market concerned, the current demand for a smart community are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Real estate developers seek new breakthroughs

Now the real estate market is in a relatively low period, many real estate companies want to complete the transformation with the help of smart community which can enhance the value of real estate and creates new selling points.

2. An experiential community becomes a new consideration for buyers

Buyers not only pay attention to the quality of building itself, but also put forward higher requirements for family safety, living services, home health, property management, and community services.

3. The transformation demands of Property management enterprises

Nowadays, the owner put forward the higher requirements for the management level of property management enterprises and have the right to independently choose property management enterprises. The contradiction between the diversified demand for service and the limited capacity of property management enterprises, the inversely proportional relationship between property management scale, benefit, and cost, is becoming the bottleneck in the development of property management companies. So the transformation has become inevitable.

4. The support of national policies and new advanced technology.

National policies give great impetus to the construction of the smart community. In addition, in the Internet plus era, the emergence of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence has promoted the development of smart communities.

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