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Leelen digital intercom system

  • 2018-01-26 11:19:18

Video building intercom system is one set system serve for modern building, including apartment, villa, as well as office building, garage, warehouse, etc. Residents can use this system for a lot of functions such as remote unlocking without in a reality situation opening the door, video and voice intercom can bring residents more secure, especially for children and olds at home alone. One intercom system include indoor monitor, outdoor unit, guard unit and other accessories.

Leelen digital intercom system integrates internet technology , mobile communication technology, security detection technology. Resident can not only easy to get video intercom, but also monitor the status situation at home. After the R&D department effort, this system has improved a lot both at functionality and performance comparing with the old analog intercom system, which has the following features:

1、       Less intermediate equipment: the whole Leelen digital intercom system just has five components: outdoor station (lobby station, outdoor unit), indoor monitor (indoor phone, indoor unit), power supply, digital network distributor, guard unit (property management device). Less intermedia equipment means easy installation diagram.

2、       Flexible power supply: all the components can be supplied directly by power supply or power adapter as well as by the digital network distributor (recommend to use). So, our digital network distributor can not only connect outdoor unit, indoor unit into one network but also can provide the power for them.

3、       More clear video and voice transmission and better communication quality: this system adopt TCP/IP protocol transmission with full-duplex communication code.

4、       More convenient system maintenance: the system can complete the setting, testing, and upgrading through the background software.

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