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LEELEN Face Recognition System Helps Yichang to Prevent and Control Epidemic Situation

  • 2020-07-10 11:31:20

Recently, led by Xiang Li, executive deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Yichang Municipal Party Committee and director of the Yichang Construction Leading Group Office of the Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Hu Gong, chief engineer of the Big Data Administration of Yichang City, Secretary Yang of the Political and Legal Committee of the Xiling District Committee, and Sun of Xiba District, Xiling District Secretary and Director Gao and his party came to the Xiba community of Xiba Subdistrict, Xiling District to experience the LEELEN face recognition system, including basic functions such as face recognition, temperature detection, and face verification health codes. Under the guidance of on-site engineers, Xiang Xiang and his party made a high evaluation of the LEELEN face recognition system after experiencing the entire system!

Hubei, as the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the beginning of 2020, has successfully cleared the number of diagnosed people after undergoing joint efforts to fight the epidemic across the country. Among them, the artificial intelligence recognition system has become a strong support behind the anti-epidemic. Using artificial intelligence to identify the threats of major public health events and propose interventions based on the model to provide solutions for major public health emergencies in the future is an important anti-epidemic method during the epidemic period and in the future.

LEELEN's face recognition system adopts a "cloud-edge-end" architecture, starting from the three dimensions of public security prevention and control, community management, and serving people's livelihood, based on the collection of one standard and three real information, collecting people, houses, cars, things, etc. Data, realize information sharing, system docking with government platforms, and provide big data support for government decision-making.

After the opening of some enterprises to resume work, the flow of people in the Xiba community has increased. To register, measure the temperature, and check the health code, the pressure on the community staff has increased dramatically.

LEELEN Face Recognition System is guided by RV management and resident safety. Public health and safety emergency management are the norm. It accurately recognizes the health code and measures the body temperature in real time. Through the comparison of the health code data and the calculation of body temperature, the door is authorized to open. Constructed as a comprehensive community management and service platform.

Whether it is to swipe a face to go to work or check for entry and exits in residential areas, places that require confirmation of personnel information can be quickly identified with the help of the LEELEN face recognition system, which effectively relieves the pressure of the staff.

Technological innovation is LEELEN's strength. It is LEELEN's responsibility to help the people of the country win this battle. At present, LEELEN has successively landed related technologies in many areas to help normalize epidemic prevention and control and continue to contribute to epidemic prevention and control!





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