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  • Digital Video Intercom System
    • July 21. 2017

    Digital Video Intercom System Digital Video Intercom System completely adopts TCP/IP technology for all Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Guard Units, etc. Combined with the latest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology to realize the system functions, there is no need intermediate devices to connect the Internet, which i...

  • Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen
    • February 02. 2018
    Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen

    Buy Touch Phone for Door Alarm From Xiamen Leelen Leelen Model 10 touch phone for door alarm is one of the best popular products in China because of its Enhanced features and functionality as well as its simple beautiful appearance. This outdoor station is also a video touch phone for door alarm system which can bring your more reality security. Outdoor camera with unlock function for house interc...

  • Commercial Biometrics will Still Maintain High Speed, but Information Security is Already on the Agenda
    • February 07. 2021

    In recent years, artificial intelligence technology based on machine vision is being closely integrated with the field of security applications, bringing tangible advances and changes to all walks of life. Among them, biometric recognition technology represented by face recognition has blossomed in all directions. Industrialized applications go deep into various subdivisions, which can be describe...

  • Development Opportunities of the Security and Protection Industry in 2021 from Three Aspects
    • February 26. 2021

    The Central Economic Conference set the macroeconomic policy for 2021, emphasizing the "new development pattern", "demand-side management", "industrial chain controllable", "new infrastructure", "rental housing" and other key content, and proposed to insist on expanding strengthen the strategic support of science and technology for domestic demand strategy. The current security industry is already...

  • 2021 Security and Protection Market Trend: Intelligent Technology Continues to Play a Role in the Security and Protection Industry
    • March 04. 2021

    1. Cloud storage, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies in the era of smart security Intelligent video analysis software will have more applications that are commercial. The development of AI deep learning technology has accelerated the commercial application of intelligent video analysis in the security industry and promoted the development of the field to large-scale enter...

  • Which Sectors Should be Included in a Smart Community?
    • March 19. 2021

    1. Intelligent face recognition access control system As we all know, the access control system of the community is the first line of defense to ensure the safety of the community. The smart face recognition access control system of the smart community is installed at the entrance and exit of the community and at the entrance of the unit building. It makes full use of advanced and mature face reco...

  • The in-depth integration of smart communities promotes the development of building intercom
    • March 26. 2021

    Actively participate in the digital wave. Digital technology is an inevitable trend of social development, and community construction must follow the digital road. Digital technology has improved the performance of information collection, dissemination, processing, and display, and enhanced security and anti-interference capabilities. From a technical point of view, the digitalization of video int...

  • Digital building intercom system becomes the market leader
    • April 09. 2021

    With the rapid development of my country's real estate industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the society as a whole has an increasing demand for building video intercom system products. Building intercom system technology has gradually developed. In the context of the rise of smart homes, the scale of industry market has exceeded 2 billion US dollars. In the future,...

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