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  • Video Intercom Development
    • August 18. 2017

    Video Intercom Industry has been achieving great progress up to now. From simple function of communication, unlocking to linkage control function of burglar alarm and information publish; from black-white video doorphone system to  color video doorphone system.   Along with the people's continuous requirements on security management and property management of the community, the main requ...

  • The Development Tendency of Cloud Intercom Products
    • August 30. 2018

    Building Intercom Industry developed a lot in recent years by people’s increasingly aware of security as well as the rapid development of technology. With the coming of the Digital Age, traditional building intercom products cannot satisfy the needs of modern digital life. So people constantly extend the function and upgrade technology. Cloud Intercom products came into being. Cloud intercom produ...

  • What Should be Paid Attention To in the Purchase of Video Intercom?
    • October 12. 2019

    First, electrical performance The most important function of the intercom system is to realize the recognition of the visitor through voice and video. The sound quality of the system call and the clarity of the video effect are very important technical indicators. Second, the safety performance of the product. Intercom products as security products, its security is very important. In the selection...

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