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  • The Changes and Challenges of Building Intercom System Industry
    • August 18. 2017

    The changes and challenges of building intercom system industry 1.     Changes of the market’s demand From analog system to digital system, the development of the building intercom system has witness the development process of our age. Recently, the demand of this industry moves toward 4 directions. First, from the full-digital toward semi-digital and semi-analog; Secondly, fro...

  • Promote Green, Safe and Intelligent Buildings ,Create a vertical ecological shared space
    • April 07. 2020

      In the process of resuming production and production of enterprises, the intelligent management method of "civil defense + technical defense" was adopted, and the office building adopted a "cloud epidemic prevention platform". With the help of face recognition and intelligent call elevator technology, the efficiency of epidemic prevention in office buildings has been improved. The establish...

  • Smart buildings make smart cities more livable
    • June 19. 2020

    The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to city management and infrastructure operations. However, the different applications of big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other technologies in the epidemic have also allowed us to see the huge potential that digital and intelligent technologies have given city management, bringing opportunities for the development o...

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