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  • Interview --- Smart Community Construction (1)
    • November 27. 2018

    With the continuous advancement of the building of Smart City, the Smart Community and the IoT, which are the basic components of Smart City, are also the important invest and building point. LEELEN is a professional equipment supplier of Smart Community and Smart Family total resolutions. After 25 years of development, LEELEN has constantly introduced advanced technology and launched a series of ...

  • Interview --- Smart Community Construction (2)
    • December 06. 2018

    Q: What’s the current situation of the construction of smart communities? Mr. Tang: In recent years, the construction of smart communities was in full swing. In addition to the traditional building intercom enterprises and security enterprises began to construct smart communities, some famous real estate enterprises and property companies also begun to contact the construction of smart communities...

  • The key is about to disappear? Why use smart door locks?
    • January 17. 2019

    In recent years, smart door locks are considered to be an important entry point for smart home security in the industry. Smart door lock can solve the problem of unlocking across time and space, and can also monitor the state of the door lock anytime and anywhere, and make corresponding safety measures and feedback. Its functions are diverse and concentrated in next aspects: Biometric identificati...

  • What Scenarios Can AI and Security Combine to Apply?
    • October 25. 2019

    After years of development, the security industry has formed a mature industrial chain and a stable competitive landscape. The integration of AI not only enables the overall security system to be upgraded as before, but also extends the industry attributes. Now the key point of the security industry is to find Commercial application scenarios. 1.Smart home In smart homes, the application of intell...

  • The Integrated Development of Smart Home and Smart Community Drives The Intelligent Upgrade of Building Intercom
    • November 22. 2019

    Since the building intercom entered the Chinese market in the late 1980s and early 1990s, after more than 20 years of development, the building intercom has developed rapidly.With the country's vigorous development of smart city construction, building intercom, as a bridge connecting communities and families, has become an indispensable part of smart communities and smart homes. I.  Smart hom...

  • Building Intercom Products Develop To A Higher Level In Smart Home
    • December 06. 2019

    In terms of product design, building intercom products have shifted from the original single-functional security products to fashion products for home decoration. After the digitalization of visual intercom, it has solved two main problems that are difficult to be solved in the analog system: the long-distance audio and video transmission problem and the multi-channel network problem, and realized...

  • Development And Application Of Smart Security In Smart Cities
    • December 20. 2019

    In recent years, with the help of basic capabilities such as networks, data, computing, chips, and algorithms, with the continuous maturity of technologies and applications such as the Internet of Things, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, especially computer vision, video structured analysis, The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies such as video image deep learning, the ...

  • Application And Security Of Smart Lock
    • January 10. 2020

    Smart locks have the characteristics of simple operation and easy-to-understand functions. Some smart locks also work with smart voice navigation functions to clearly understand the working status of door locks. People can open door locks through fingerprints, passwords, cards, and other methods. Make it easier for users to operate. 1.Application of smart lock After the security problems of smart ...

  • Development Prospects And Trends Of Smart Security In The Construction Of Smart Cities
    • February 13. 2020

    I. Development status of smart security in smart city construction in the era of AI and big data In recent years, in the network, data and calculation, chips, algorithm based power technology, along with the Internet of things, such as large data analysis, artificial intelligence technology and application of matures, especially in computer vision, video structured analysis and video image depth s...

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