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Smart Home and Building Intercom - Enhancing the Three Use Values

  • 2020-10-16 13:32:30

With the improvement of people’s living standards and more and more building manufacturers develop smart homes and promote the expansion of building intercoms, more and more building intercom manufacturers are beginning to try to integrate building intercoms with smart homes. Because for the current building intercom system, the combination of building intercom and smart home has broken the bottleneck of the development of the intercom system in terms of function and development, and further improved the value-added space of the intercom system and the cost-effectiveness. There has been many improvements, which also allows building intercom products to be more widely used.

The value of building intercom system integrated with smart home is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Realize comprehensive smart home control

Once the building intercom and smart home are perfectly integrated, users will get all the functions and experience of the home control system on the entire system, such as light control, scene mode, smart monitoring and smart alarm, etc. Users can easily control everything in their home with just a single tap on the wall terminal or mobile terminal, or even no touch at all, just voice control.

2. Integrate multiple community functions

After the integration of the smart home system, in addition to the basic intercom unlocking function, the building intercom will also integrate functions and value-added services such as text messages, announcements, pictures/messages, electronic albums, security alarms, access control, smart homes, community shopping, information homes, etc. . In short, the building intercom is developing in the direction of intelligence and convenience. For example, in the future, if you are injured at home and cannot go downstairs to seek medical treatment, you can use the building intercom and just press a button, and the social workers in the community will come to your home to help you downstairs. If the salt for cooking at home is gone, and it is not convenient to go out to buy, you can tell the community grocery store through the building intercom, and the grocery store can deliver it to you.

Of course, in addition to these, services such as housekeeping services, rental and sale services, e-commerce services, home fast food services, home maintenance services of all kinds of electrical appliances, sewer dredging services, etc. can be directly connected to the community store through the button of the building intercom. , which makes your life more convenient and faster.

3. Develop linkage control and form a three-dimensional prevention system

Security alarm system is an indispensable link in modern security. The gas alarm, door magnetic switch, and smoke detector at home can be linked to the building intercom. When there is no one in the house, if the alarm sounds, the building intercom can be activated immediately, and the security staff on duty can see the scene of your home through the visual system, and carry out timely rescue. It plays an important role in protecting the life and property of the owner.

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