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The age of smart parking is just around the corner

  • 2019-07-18 09:32:36

1. The origin of smart parking.

With the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of cars in cities has exploded.   However, the lagging operation and management methods have not kept up with the rapid growth rate, and parking difficulties have become a common phenomenon in urban development. As the parking problem becomes more and more serious, smart parking will become a major demand for urban development.

2. What is smart parking

Smart parking refers to the wireless communication technology, mobile terminal technology, GPS positioning technology, GIS integrated applied to urban parking Spaces such as acquisition, management, query, booking and navigation services, to realize real-time update and query parking space resources is realizing parking space resource utilization, to optimize the profit and the owner parking service.

3.The practical value of smart parking.

Smart parking makes it easier for car owners to find parking spaces.

②Car owners can use mobile phone APP and WeChat to obtain the parking lot and free parking space information of designated places, charging standard, reservation, charging, sharing and other services, and realize the pre-payment and online checkout functions.

③It can solve the problems such as random charging at toll stations and unable to find parking spaces to a greater extent.

④At the same time, it can help save space and park more cars in the same space.

4. Conclusion

The rise of smart parking has brought convenience to new concepts such as parking and unmanned driving, providing convenient parking experience for car owners and creating orderly intelligent transportation for parking lot managers and city managers. With the rapid development of intelligent parking, the era of intelligent parking is not far away, and the future will usher in the era of intelligent parking for all.

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