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The Changes and Challenges of Building Intercom System Industry

  • 2017-08-18 15:03:03

The changes and challenges of building intercom system industry

1.     Changes of the market’s demand

From analog system to digital system, the development of the building intercom system has witness the development process of our age. Recently, the demand of this industry moves toward 4 directions. First, from the full-digital toward semi-digital and semi-analog; Secondly, from the full-digital wire products toward wireless products; Third, from video intercom system to non-visual intercom system: the building intercom system has experienced the development from non-visual to video, now, the other way around, the market is tending to non-visual; finally, the network of building is toward cloud service.

2.     The challenges video intercom system is facing

1.     More intense competition: more and more new intercom enterprises are establishing, and also there are a lot of manufacturers go bankrupt. It indicates that the competition has become more and more intense.

2.     Cross-border integration: recent years, plenty of o2o community industry enterprises has already integrated into wisdom industry, they want to seize the opportunity of the entrance of building intercom system and access system to catch hold of more clients.

3.     Elimination of technology progress:as we all know, the technological age has made progress very quickly, the competition of patents is also very fast.

4.     The mature of consumers: after the market precipitation, the consumers’ choices become more and more mature.

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