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The Core of Smart Home Security

  • 2019-08-16 13:28:10

The 21st century is an era of information. The rapid development of high-tech networks such as networks, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and communications has gradually shifted from the original analog products to digital and intelligent products along with the development of information technology and the entire information industry. At the same time, the people's living standards have improved, and the concept of security prevention has gradually expanded to home users. More and more families have installed fireproof and anti-theft devices such as magnetic door, infrared and smoke, and the realization of smart home security system has become an inevitable trend.

The composition of the intelligent security system

The intelligent security system mainly consists of four parts: video surveillance host, peripheral wireless alarm module user receiving terminal and system management platform. For example, any changes in the user's home or store (illegal intrusion, fire, gas leaks, etc.), the smart security system informs the user in the form of text, pictures or video clips, and records a video or a picture when the alarm occurs. Save on the host SD card or send it to the platform server. Users can also view their home or business in real time from anywhere on the phone or the Internet.

Integration and communication are the core of smart security

In the communication of the basic network between smart devices, wired connections are mostly used, and wireless connections are often used in the interaction between devices and users. In smart home systems, the application of wireless network technology to home networks has become an irresistible trend. Because the wireless network can provide greater flexibility and mobility, it saves the cost and effort of the integrated wiring, and is also very convenient for linking and controlling with the mobile phone.

The smart home security system for home smart security is a family home platform that combines computer technology, network communication technology and automatic control technologies to integrate various application subsystems related to family life. The effective implementation of its security system must make rational use of the combination of wired and wireless communication networks, so that the intelligent security system fully mobilize the security equipment in different application environments, providing people with a more comfortable, efficient, convenient and safe modern living environment.

In the near future, the multi-intellectual era will definitely enter our lives.

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