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The era of residential intelligence is coming, and the market demand for video intercom continues to grow

  • 2020-10-23 08:24:53

The video intercom system is a set of modern residential service measures, providing two-way visual communication between visitors and residents, achieving dual recognition of images and voices to increase safety and reliability, while saving a lot of time and improving work efficiency. The existence of the video intercom system can not only improve the management and service of the residence, but also improve the safety of the living environment. Therefore, in recent years, it has gradually become an indispensable device in the residence, and the market demand continues to rise.

According to the "Analysis Report of China's Visual Intercom System Venture Capital Industry in 2020-2024" released by the New Thinking Industry Research Center, in recent years, with the rapid development of modern technologies such as the Internet, computers, and big data, the Chinese government has also actively building "smart cities" and "smart communities". With the promotion of various policies, the video intercom system has rapidly gained popularity. According to the development of our country's housing market, it is estimated that by the end of 2020, China will build 11 billion square meters of housing, which will provide more room for the development of the video intercom system industry.

Judging from the current distribution of video intercom systems in our country, the economy, security awareness, and modern technology acceptance of first-tier cities are relatively high. Therefore, the current video intercom system is more competitive in our country's first- and second-tier cities, while its development is relatively slow in the second, third, and fourth-tier cities. The main reason for the slow development of video intercom systems in third- and fourth-tier cities is the price factor. As our country's video intercom system industry chain is not yet mature, the cost of products is relatively high and the popularization of products is hindered. However, with the gradual maturity of the video intercom system industry chain in the future and the upgrading of traditional and old community life experience, the video intercom system industry will be further developed.

From a long-term perspective, my country's video intercom system still needs to be continuously improved, making changes in market segment requirements, and designing high, medium and low-end products to meet the requirements of different customers. At the same time, since the video intercom system is oriented to humans, the product needs to be humanized and easy to understand. However, due to the cost, the network environment, system stability, and people's living standards, the video intercom system may have greater challenges in the future.

Industry analysts from New Thinking Industry Research Center said that as an important node for building the access control, the video intercom system is also an important entrance for home informatization. With the improvement of modern residents’ safety awareness, market demand is also increasing. From the perspective of market penetration, the current video intercom system is mainly in first- and second-tier cities with fierce competition, and there are greater development opportunities in third- and fourth-tier cities. From the product perspective, as the residents' requirements gradually increase, the video intercom system needs to be continuously optimized and developed towards high-end.

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