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Digital Intercom System

The in-depth integration of smart communities promotes the development of building intercom

  • 2021-03-26 17:12:32

Actively participate in the digital wave. Digital technology is an inevitable trend of social development, and community construction must follow the digital road. Digital technology has improved the performance of information collection, dissemination, processing, and display, and enhanced security and anti-interference capabilities. From a technical point of view, the digitalization of video intercom has solved two major problems that are difficult to solve by analog systems: long-distance audio and video transmission problems and networking multi-channel problems, and can be used with digital visual terminals. As a node, it realizes the integration with the home alarm, home lighting system, and home appliance control system. Integrate a variety of community functions, such as announcements, photos, electronic albums, security alarms, access control, smart home, community shopping, community medical and other functions and value-added services.

Nowadays, China's building intercom market is undergoing a process of converting from analog to digital, and from bus to TCP/IP. In the residential building video intercom projects in the new community, more than 70% use TCP/IP transmission based on international standards. With the increasing maturity of TCP/IP all-digital building intercom technology, the scale effect will gradually reduce the cost of digital technology and achieve a wider range of applications. Single Button Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 8 from LEELEN is a digital outdoor station with a cast iron shell, which supports nameplate. Customers can install it easily on gate or wall. This Outdoor station generally used in villa systems.

Sensing technology creates the Internet of Things in the community. The Internet of Things technology is the main component of a smart city. Smart chips and sensors will have an unimaginable application space, realizing the ubiquitous computing stage of real-time acquisition of information from multiple sources and intelligent control, enabling the development of smart environments and peripheral computing. The development of the Internet of Things has fundamentally improved the ability to collect information, and will also promote the intelligentization of the human-centered surrounding environment.

Integrate community functions to achieve sustainable development. The smart community should be a complete ecosystem, not only including the linkage control of alarms, home control, monitoring, elevators, etc. At the same time, it also needs to access the surrounding environment information, integrate the originally discrete functions in the community, and realize resource sharing to bring convenience to users' lives, such as property information, living services, shopping, water and electricity payment, medical services, education information, housekeeping services, neighborhood committees. Ultra-Thin Digital Indoor Intercom Station V31 from LEELEN is a 7-inch touch screen digital extension. Customer can receive and check the message from property management center and other indoor units. It can monitor the outdoor unit’s video within permission.

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