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The Integrated Development of Smart Home and Smart Community Drives The Intelligent Upgrade of Building Intercom

  • 2019-11-22 09:18:14

Since the building intercom entered the Chinese market in the late 1980s and early 1990s, after more than 20 years of development, the building intercom has developed rapidly.With the country's vigorous development of smart city construction, building intercom, as a bridge connecting communities and families, has become an indispensable part of smart communities and smart homes.

I.  Smart home drives intelligent upgrading of building intercom.

As the communication between more and more manufacturers began to go deep into the field of smart home, combines building intercom system and smart home system, building intercom besides have traditional intercom unlock function, also set the SMS,  APP ,remote control, security alarm, indoor monitor , lift control, and many other convenient features.Building intercom and smart home complement each other, further enhancing the value added space and cost performance of both sides, thus bringing a huge space to play in the expansion of functions.

The intellectualization of building intercom is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Multiple management modes.Building intercom system has a convenient and flexible management mode, the administrator can manage the door machine of any building through the management machine.With the permission of the administrator, the visitor can be transferred to the user.

2. Combined with CCTV.Every public passage and entrance of the building are equipped with cameras, which can monitor and record video for 24 hours.

3. Integrated management of all-purpose card.Intercom system in the wall outdoor statioin, building outdoor statioin can be integrated with contactless induction card reader. By swiping the card, the computer of the management center can display the photo of the personnel entering the building for management.

4. Security alarm function.

5. Play advertimesent.

6. Receive message function.

7. Stress unlocking function.After confirming the visitor, the resident  can open the lock remotely.The administrator can unlock the door of each building remotely through the management machine.Residents can open their doors with a code.

8. Emergency rescue function.

In a sense, the combination of building intercom and smart home is the inevitable product of the development of building intercom system from analog to digital. The digitalization of intercom fundamentally opens the development bottleneck of intercom system, making the combination of smart home and smart home possible. The combination of intercom and smart home system further improves the value-added space of the intercom system, and the cost performance of the system is also improved, so that the promotion and application of the new system is more extensive.

II. Smart community drives intelligent upgrading of building intercom.
As an important equipment in the household, building intercom has played a huge role in community informatization, improvement of living quality, improvement of property service quality, etc. the combination of building intercom and its application in smart community has become the trend of industry development. Smart community service fully relies on the Internet of things, cloud computing, 4G and other advanced technologies, and puts forward the idea of community integration service and owner integration service. It has built a community service management platform that integrates Cloud Gate ban, cloud intercom, community shopping, community information, video monitoring, and home intelligent control, realizing the intelligent and convenient management of the community.

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