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The key is about to disappear? Why use smart door locks?

  • 2019-01-17 08:35:25

In recent years, smart door locks are considered to be an important entry point for smart home security in the industry. Smart door lock can solve the problem of unlocking across time and space, and can also monitor the state of the door lock anytime and anywhere, and make corresponding safety measures and feedback. Its functions are diverse and concentrated in next aspects:

Biometric identification unlocking

Compared to traditional door locks that you must use a key to open the door, now users don’t have to worry about forgetting to take the keys or worry about losing the keys. As long as pass the biometric recognition, the door can be unlocked. The convenience brought by such user experience is naturally self-evident. Especially for the elderly in the family, this method is far more reliable than remembering the key and password.

Humanized voice broadcast

During the operation, there will be voice broadcast for the user to operate. Users know whether the operation of each step is correct or not, and guide for the next operation. This function is very practical for the elderly or children so that they handle it with high proficiency.

Remote control

When you are not at home, parents and children cannot enter the door, you can open the door remotely through the network on the premise of checking the situation. This is also a very convenient experience. In addition, the user does not have to worry about the child opening the door to strangers at random, because you can always know the situation near the door from the remote end and remotely control the locking of the door lock.

Intelligent alarm

Of cause, as a door lock, there is no way to guarantee 100% security even with traditional door locks. Through the intelligent alarm function of the smart door lock, If the door is smashed or violently opened, the user can be notified and reacted at the first time, which has reduced the loss. This feature is not possible with traditional door locks.

Independent information management

In use, the owner has the right to add/modify/delete the information. Users can freely authorize and allow certain people to enter. This feature is useful for users who have a babysitter or tenant at home. When the nanny or tenant moves away, they can delete their fingerprints instantly, so they can’t open the door without the right to use them. Conversely, if there are new nannies and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time so that they can open the door freely.

Scramble PIN code

There are also many problems when we enter the password. Criminals may steal our passwords by voyeurism or fingerprints. At this time, the scramble PIN code function is especially important. Users are free to add numbers before and after the correct password. As long as there is a continuous correct password in this set of numbers, the lock can be opened.

In the past, ID cards, mobile phones, wallets, and keys were the four major pieces necessary for going out. Mobile payment makes cash disappear, people don’t have to bring wallets when they go out; in the near future, smart door locks will make the keys disappear, and people will usher in the era of smart door locks.

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