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The Use of AI in the Smart Community

  • 2019-08-02 16:28:14

"Smart Community" is the foundation of "smart city". The rise and application of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data are building a new urban community form.

The specific application of artificial intelligence in community management

(1) Face recognition

Through the face shooting at the entrance and exit of the corridor, to solve the problem of the elderly and other special groups of regular monitoring; The face recognition intercom system is installed at the entrance and exit of the unit building to recognize the faces of people entering and leaving the unit.

(2) Regional inspection and prevention

It can automatically detect the illegal vehicles in the forbidden area. When the parking time exceeds the set temporary parking time, it will alarm; the messy stalls and littering will cause alarms.

(3) Prevention of the perimeter

It can prevent special areas such as the lake surface, and can predict the intruder's type/size/minimum intrusion time. It is not only suitable for high-rise intensive communities, but also for applications such as villas and parks.

(4) Analysis of crowd gathering

Some abnormal situations occurred during the day, which will result in a large number of community residents gathering and increasing population density. At this time, the artificial intelligence community management system will automatically identify the situation and report to the guard duty room.

(5) High-altitude parabolic detection

Artificial intelligence will monitor the entire floor from the bottom to the top. When there is a falling object, the artificial intelligence system will quickly detect and alarm, which is convenient for strengthening prevention.

(6) Property management

It is easy to realize the daily management of the property company, and on the basis of satisfying the daily management of the property, it has expanded many functional modes, such as advertising, convenience service, online interaction, community activities, mobile phone opening, and healthy pension.

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