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The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (1)

  • 2017-08-18 16:17:27

Face recognition has attracted more and more attention. In fact, the use of face recognition in the security industry is also very wide.

1.Video Surveillance

     Combining facial recognition technology and video monitoring, the equivalent of the front-end intelligent analysis functions is integrated into the HD webcam inside. And changing the camera of the simple past only to "see" into an intelligent “eye” with independent thinking ability.

  Type facial recognition technology combines with video surveillance cameras will intelligent algorithm embedded intelligent ability to the front unit. And it adapts to customers demand for different application scenarios, it can improve the ability of active early warning and monitoring efficiency.

  At the same time, it makes HD monitoring more active and cheaper.

  Besides, the camera has trigger alarm video data transmission and storage of intelligent analysis. It can avoid high definition video image transmission. And it takes up a large amount of network bandwidth, and it can greatly save the back-end data storage resources for clients to save construction investment.

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