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The Use of Face Recognition in the Security Industry (2)

  • 2017-08-22 16:57:58

2.Smart City/ Community

In smart city’s construction, facial recognition technology can be applied to community, and the zone. And hard and soft solutions will combine face recognition with the building security systems. It can bring new safety experience to enterprises and citizens.

The in and out management of people is often the cause of disputes between property owners and owners. By setting up the face door control, the owner does not need to bring the card, and the non-residents cannot enter the community through face recognition.

3. Public Security

The promotion of human face recognition system will greatly facilitate the personnel of public security work. It makes "manhunt" are no longer difficult.

On the one hand, installing cameras at the railway station, airport and so on to population distribution of the public will snap pictures and police pursuit for face recognition, recognition after successful feedback suspect position;

On the other hand, the suspect's identity is confirmed by comparing the suspect's photo with the archive database.

Face recognition makes the case investigation and public security control more intelligent and quick, which improves the business efficiency of the case, reduces the personnel and time cost of the case, and improves the security and control system.

4.Access Control System

Face recognition access control system is the product of information technology, electronic communication technology and biometric technology development. It is an effective measure to realize the security control management.

When the system is in use by non-contact card, system can gather the required information and realize the entrance of people. It can guard, records, data transmission, and it has many other functions. The system has become an important standard for the new generation of biometric recognition.

About security face recognition, the above is only a small part. with the use of face recognition and security, the combination of face recognition and security will be more and more.

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