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Three Essential Lines of Defense for Smart Home Security Systems

  • 2021-03-12 16:43:58

The first line of defense is smart locks.

Compared with traditional door locks, smart door locks have significantly improved safety and are more intelligent. Technically, the degree of encryption is 10 times higher than that of bank cards. It is almost impossible to violently interpret the smart door lock system with current technology. The smart lock has multiple unlocking methods such as mobile phone remote, password, fingerprint, etc., and can be combined with smart home scenes to enjoy smart life. The important thing is that every time the user opens the door, the smart home APP can feedback the status of the door lock in real time, so that you can know. Whether it is a home, a warehouse or an important area, smart door locks can establish the first line of defense for them.

The second line of defense is smart cameras.

Intelligent security monitoring equipment adds another line of defense for home security. Take a lightweight security device as an example. The device is a high-definition camera with a home gateway function, which serves as the hub of a smart home system and manages home smart devices in a unified manner. The user can check the situation at home at any time through the mobile phone, and know the situation at home well. With its mobile detection function, when an illegal intrusion into the detection area is detected, it can push alarm information to the mobile phone. Compared with traditional surveillance, smart cameras have greater advantages in flexibility, safety and intelligence.

The third line of defense is video intercom access control system.

① When at home, the visitor can call the indoor unit through the villa entrance machine for visual intercom, confirm the identity of the visitor and open the door. When the householder is not next to the indoor host, the customer uses the telecom extension to talk to the visitor/open the door. According to the practicability, LEELEN also launched a series of product, such as 10.1" Large Touch Screen Video Indoor Station V37 and Ultra-Thin Digital Indoor Intercom Station V31S.

②When going out, you can set the outgoing transfer mode, you can also talk to the visitor through the mobile phone, and remotely control the door to open through the network.

③When you go home, you can open the door remotely via your mobile phone, or open the door via password, fingerprint, face recognition, etc.

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