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What Scenarios Can AI and Security Combine to Apply?

  • 2019-10-25 09:27:08
After years of development, the security industry has formed a mature industrial chain and a stable competitive landscape. The integration of AI not only enables the overall security system to be upgraded as before, but also extends the industry attributes. Now the key point of the security industry is to find Commercial application scenarios.
1.Smart home
In smart homes, the application of intelligent security is mainly reflected in three aspects: monitoring, anti-theft and fire warning:
(1)Home monitoring: The commonly used device is a smart camera, which is used to monitor the situation in the home in real time. Users can view the changes at home anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone.
(2)Fire warning: This type of equipment is mainly used for fire protection and explosion prevention in homes. Commonly used equipments include smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, intelligent switches, etc. They will issue an alarm when smoke or flammable gas reaches a certain concentration, or automatically cut off the power.
(3)Home security: Anti-theft devices include human activities and door and window switch sensing devices, such as infrared intrusion detectors, door and window magnets, smart door locks, etc. These devices can sense the arrival of strangers and alarm in the state of system fortification, and will promptly The abnormal situation of the induction is transmitted to the user's mobile phone to protect the family and property.
2. Smart hospital
(1)Video security monitoring: Video surveillance is still the most important application in hospital security. From the perspective of the functional division of the hospital area, the regional parts of the hospital are different, the purpose of the prevention is different, and the performance of the video surveillance equipment required is different.
(2)Entrance and exit control system: At present, the main application areas of the entrance and exit control system include ICU intensive care unit, operating room, radio source room, laboratory, pharmacy, toll collection and other key parts.
Intrusion alarm system: The intrusion alarm system can defend the 24-hour warning zone and other key defense zones.
3.Unmanned convenience store
Unmanned retail stores have always been the testing ground for various intelligent monitoring technologies. The camera will help traditional retail companies to more accurately understand consumer demand, provide a reference for operations and management, and move toward new retail.
4.Bus station
(1)Alarm subsystem: The railway station is an important transportation place. More importantly, it is necessary to prevent dangers in advance. Only early detection and effective emergency response can avoid the occurrence of destructive and terrorist attacks and effectively prevent accidents such as fires. The occurrence and spread of disasters.
(2)HD video surveillance: One of the advantages of HD video surveillance is that users can remotely manage the settings of all cameras via the network. If accidents or suspicious circumstances occur in public places such as train stations, they can immediately transfer images to the control center via the network.
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