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What Should be Paid Attention To in the Purchase of Video Intercom?

  • 2019-10-12 16:00:50
First, electrical performance
The most important function of the intercom system is to realize the recognition of the visitor through voice and video. The sound quality of the system call and the clarity of the video effect are very important technical indicators.
Second, the safety performance of the product.
Intercom products as security products, its security is very important. In the selection of materials, it must be considered that it must have a certain impact resistance, and at the same time have a good anti-disassembly design to prevent malicious damage. In the structural design of the product and the surface treatment of the material, it is also necessary to consider the use of the special environment such as waterproof, moisture proof and lightning strike. For example, in rainy days or in extremely cold weather, the normal operation of the intercom system should be guaranteed. According to the overall design style of the community, the ladder host, the regional host and the indoor unit with different appearances should be selected, which are matched with the overall style of the community.
Third, product quality and after-sales service.
In addition to purchasing products for the characteristics of the community, the strength of the manufacturer is also a focus when purchasing products. The video intercom system is the most frequently used system in the intelligent community. In addition to the harsh environment and decoration of the products, the system is more prone to failure. Therefore, high-quality products and service teams are a key part of ensuring the normal operation of the system.
Therefore, when purchasing video intercom products, users should make a comprehensive inspection and understanding of the manufacturer's strength, product function, quality, after-sales service, etc., and at the same time combine the structure, positioning and characteristics of the project, so that they can choose To the right product.
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