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What should I look at when buying an intelligent building intercom system

  • 2020-05-08 10:53:43

The characteristic of the video intelligent building intercom system is that you can see the intercom image in real time. Since then, Its safety factor is higher. In addition to sound, it also has an image restoration function, which is equivalent to adding a double guarantee to the intercom system, so it has a higher safety factor and system than ordinary building systems. Under such circumstances, more and more residential communities are now beginning to use this new type of video intelligent building intercom system.

Should choose to buy an intelligent building intercom system according to different residential structure, community distribution and functional requirements. Some are suitable for non-enclosed management residences, which can realize call, intercom and unlock functions, and have a light-emitting indication function. There are also various residential structures applicable to low-rise to high-rise buildings; indoor units with a security alarm function can be selected for closed-managed communities. Therefore, when choosing a building intercom system, you must choose it according to the characteristics of your residential area. Achieving the best performance-price ratio, maximize the function of the system.

When purchasing intelligent building intercom system products, in addition to purchasing products according to their own living characteristics, the strength of their manufacturers is also a reference point when purchasing products. In today's intercom market, there are many kinds of products. Before buying products, it is necessary to check whether the manufacturer has a high-level R & D team, an efficient management team, and whether they have done some representative engineering projects. Many digital intercom systems work well in model rooms or demonstration halls, but may not be accepted in actual projects. Digital intercom based on TCP / IP often has the problem of how to deal with the sound and image. The sound needs to be echo canceled, and the image has to have a small delay time. This is not so simple. Based on such phenomena, careful consideration must be given when selecting manufacturers.

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