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Which Sectors Should be Included in a Smart Community?

  • 2021-03-19 08:55:40

1. Intelligent face recognition access control system

As we all know, the access control system of the community is the first line of defense to ensure the safety of the community. The smart face recognition access control system of the smart community is installed at the entrance and exit of the community and at the entrance of the unit building. It makes full use of advanced and mature face recognition technology and can support a variety of door opening methods, such as face recognition + swipe card + fingerprint, etc. LEELEN’s Hot Sale Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 15F supports swiping card to unlock. The 5-inch TFT Screen Digital Outdoor Intercom Station Model 16 supports swiping card and entering password to open the door. The intelligent face recognition access control system cannot only realize the contactless "swipe face" to verify and identify easy passage, but also analyze the data based on the flow of people in the community. If it is found in the background system that an elderly person who lives alone has not been in or out for several days in a row, the management staff of the community can come to check it. The intelligent access control system can greatly improve the security management and service level of the community, and enhance the sense of security and high-quality experience of the residents of the community.

2. Intelligent video surveillance system

In the community, the intelligent video surveillance system is a very important project. The intelligent video surveillance system is generally installed on the main roads, walls, corridors, and public areas of the community. Its core function is to monitor all the dynamics in the community in real time, and can be linked to the integrated system platform. If there is a preset special situation in the video surveillance area, the system will automatically send an alarm and jump to the relevant video page information. For the property management personnel of the community, it can solve the relevant situation efficiently.

3. Smart parking lot management system

The vehicle entry and exit of the community and the management of the parking lot is also a section closely related to the residents, and the smart parking management system can automatically manage the parking management in the community. Vehicles in and out of the community only need the camera to automatically recognize the license plate to pass, and self-service payment can also be made online. This can reduce the cost of labor input in the community and realize intelligent management.

4. Smart firefighting system

Speaking of the smart firefighting system, it is actually an intelligent upgrade based on the original firefighting equipment in the community and connected to the integrated system platform. The smart fire protection system can realize real-time monitoring of the fire safety situation in the area and the specific working status of firefighting equipment, etc., can guarantee the community in case of fire and provide timely response plans, which greatly improves the fire handling capacity of the community.

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