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Why intercom system is so popular in China?

  • 2020-07-24 10:20:33

China is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, so the residences of the Chinese people are dominated by buildings, which is in sharp contrast with the less densely populated countries in the West. In daily life, the interaction between people is an indispensable activity. When there are more people in a place, the interaction between people will become complicated. At this time, there must be a system to manage, the interaction between people can be simplified and convenient.

The living environment of Chinese people is almost always dominated by multi-story buildings, in which a large number of people live, and each owner is an independent individual, which makes it impossible to centrally monitor the movement of people inside and outside the building, which increases The probability of crimes such as burglary and robbery.

If only a manpower monitoring system is set up at the gate of the building, and the security manpower alone is used to supervise the personnel entering and exiting, it is difficult to confirm whether the visitors are invited by or related to the owner. In this case, enter People in residential buildings are prone to "fish that slip through the net", and it is easy to bring unsafe factors into residential buildings and bring safety hazards to owners. The emergence of building intercom has solved this problem. Its most basic intercom function allows visitors to communicate with the owners at home to confirm who the visitor is.

After several periods of development, the building intercom has evolved from a single unit intercom to a multi-tasking intercom. The current building intercom includes the outdoor station, indoor station, UPS power supply, electric lock and door closer, etc. The equipment can realize the functions of calling, video intercom, unlocking, household communication, and intercom with the management center.

 The owner can use the access card to open the door downstairs, but the visitor does not have an access card. If it is too troublesome for the owner to walk from upstairs to downstairs to open the door for the visitor, then the benefits of the building intercom system are sufficient Reflected. Visitors only need to call the owner through the host at the door. After the owner confirms, they can control the downstairs door through the indoor extension and open it. After the visitors enter the door, there is no need to manually close the door. Devices such as locks and door closers will automatically close and lock the gate. In addition to facilitating visitors, the building intercom system can also help the owner to talk to the property management center when the owner forgets to bring the key, inviting them to open the door and enter the building, thereby avoiding the burden of going to other people for help to open the door trouble.

The advantage of building intercom greatly facilitates the management of personnel access in daily life by the security department, saves manpower and material resources, and also improves the overall safety factor of the building. Therefore, the building intercom also plays a certain role in the security system, and has an irreplaceable position in the intelligent community, which is a powerful embodiment of the intelligent building. At present, according to the type, the building intercom system can be divided into direct touch type, digital type, digital household communication, visual intercom, non-visual intercom, etc. Residential districts can be based on the degree of intelligent demand and economic status to determine the installation type of the building intercom system to achieve the optimization and rationalization of the system installation.

 Many people enter and exit the gates of residential buildings in the community every day. The building intercom and access control systems play a screening role, allowing those who can enter, and blocking those who should not. To build a high-quality building intercom system requires not only high-quality products, but also high-quality engineering services. If the transmission distance is limited and the anti-interference ability is poor after the building intercom system is built, then this The building intercom system is also considered disabled. It is necessary to choose a platform like this that can provide online sales and offline services. There are standard services throughout the entire process from product to project construction to better ensure that the building intercom system has a relatively high quality.

With the building intercom system, it does bring great convenience, but it does not mean that building intercom will be foolproof. The building intercom is not all-round high-tech, and other aspects need to be strengthened in smart community management. For example, strengthen the management and construction of security and communication systems, so that the intelligence of the community can be made more perfect and provide owners with a safer and more comfortable living environment.

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