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Chen Xuli, the Chairman of LEELEN, was Awarded the “China Security Outstanding Person"!

  • January 08, 2019

On January 7th, “Paying tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up·China Security Series Selection” and the 2019 National Security Association Spring Festival Party Meeting ended successfully at the Caesar Palace of Shenzhen Window of the World.

Chen Xuli, vice president of Fujian Security Association and chairman of LEELEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, was named “Paying tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up·China Security Outstanding Person”, and is the only person in the security industry in Fujian province to receive this honor. At the same time, LEELEN won the first recommended brand of Xueliang Engineering.

Since its launch in July 2018, the activity has received extensive attention from the security community and has been successively reported by individuals and enterprises for more than 500 applications. Through the organization recommendation, initial review nomination, online voting, expert review, and other procedures, these results are combined, and from a series of professional evaluation of the number of years the person is engaged in security/enterprise establishment, personal influence/corporate visibility, and the outstanding achievements of individuals/enterprises in the security industry, the winners list was lastly finalized.

Opening up the vast development map of the security industry, many characters and deeds show us the glorious course of development of China’s security industry. They promoted the development of China’s public security cause and made Chinese security enterprises famous in the world. Their struggle history was a history of the development of China’s security industry. From learning to imitate to leading the guide, from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, Chinese security personnel have gone through 40 years from weak to strong.

Chen Xuli engaged in security for 27 years and let LEELEN from a business department in 1991 to a leading enterprise in product sales, and continued to advance in administrative management, technology development, business model and market expansion. Today, LEELEN has transformed into a smart home and smart community total solution equipment provider, providing users with many high-quality products, such as smart access control, digital building intercom system and smart home system and so on.

In terms of industry management, Chen Xuli led the R&D team to participate in the formulation of a number of industry standards and national standards. At the same time, LEELEN also served as the drafting team leader of the international building intercom standard IEC62820. This international standard has been going through for six years and was released in early 2018, making a huge contribution to the industry. In terms of technology development, Chen Xuli led the team to develop intercom products such as analog systems, L8 systems, and digital systems, which caused a sensation in the industry.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, security has become the most direct and fast industry for AI implement. From the perspective of project construction, smart city and Xueliang project have become the biggest engine for the security industry.

As a smart home and smart community total solution provider, LEELEN has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 20 years and has launched a number of solutions that are well received by customers. LEELEN is a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen, and its face recognition outdoor station is the first to obtain the building intercom equipment certification test of the Ministry of Public Security. In the market, LEELEN intelligent Access Control---Xueliang Community Solutions is spread all over the country, and its safe management mode and convenient operation experience have been well received by government departments and residents.

These honors are the recognition of the industry experts and users for the outstanding performance of LEELEN in the security field, and fully reflect the influence of the chairman of LEELEN on the industry. In the future, LEELEN will continue to help the development of the security industry.

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