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Digital Building Intercom System Solution

  • December 31, 2020

Digital Building Intercom System

LEELEN digital intercom system is an intercom system based on TCP/IP digital network. It is composed of wall machine, unit door machine, villa door machine, indoor extension, management machine, etc. It also includes access control system and elevator call system. The system has integrated management software, supports building intercom, video surveillance, access control, elevator control, security alarm, community information, cloud intercom and other functions, and provides a complete building intercom system solution based on residential communities.

System Overview

Solution Features

Building Intercom Function

The user can enter the number on the door phone to call the indoor unit or the management unit to achieve visual intercom and unlock functions. The user can also use the indoor extension to call other residential extensions to realize the intercom function between households.

The user can use the indoor extension to call the management center machine, and the property service staff can conduct visual intercom.

Property management personnel can also use the management center machine to call residents, and conduct visual intercom with residents.

Video Surveillance Function

Users can use the indoor extension to view the host video at the door, view the community public IPC video, and view the IPC video installed at home;

Managers can use the management machine to view the host video at the door and view the community's public IPC video.

When the user is viewing the host video, he can directly answer and perform visual intercom.

Access Control Function

The user can call the extension or the management machine at the door to open the door by visual intercom, and open the door with an IC card, password, etc.

Managers can use property management software in the management center to perform card registration and card authority management, and publish card information to the door host and community access control equipment.

Elevator Control Function

When the user performs call unlocking/password/swiping card unlocking, the elevator will automatically reach the floor where the door host is located, and the authorization of the floor where the calling extension is located will be opened. When the user does not use the intercom/password unlocking/swiping card to unlock, and directly entering the elevator, he can swipe his card in the elevator. At this time, he can press the elevator button of the corresponding floor of the card. When the user goes downstairs, he can press the elevator call button at the extension, and the elevator will automatically reach the floor where the extension is located.

Security Alarm Function

Indoor stations can be connected to various security monitoring probes, and provide out mode/home mode/sleep mode/disarm mode. When the probe alarms, the extension will automatically sound an alarm to remind the user to take action.

Community Information Function

Community property personnel can send community notification information to one or certain indoor extensions, and residents can view and process the information in time.

Cloud Intercom Function

When the user is out, if there is a host call, the user can use the App to talk and unlock.

System Structure

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