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Digital Video Intercom System

  • July 04, 2017

Digital Video Intercom System completely adopts TCP/IP technology for all Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Guard Units, etc. Combined with the latest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology to realize the system functions, there is no need intermediate devices to connect the Internet, which improves the system networking stability, decreases the cost of wiring, and at the same time, it is simple and convenient to maintain the system.

Main advantages of Digital Video Intercom System - are in the following aspects:

Simple in wiring: since Digital Video Intercom System adopts TCP/IP technology to transmit sound, data and video images,one internet cable can solve all problems,which greatly simplify the wiring project. In this case, the installation and debugging of the building intercom system become simple, and the construction cycle is also greatly reduced.

Powerful networking function: the indoor unit in Digital Video Intercom System is like a small computer, which not only has high-performance CPU, but also has DSP digital processing chip. Powerful data processing ability makes networking capability stronger, and it is convenient to integrate with other security subsystems.

Good expandability: IP networking is highly extensible, which can not only realize the function of video intercom, but also can realize the functions of multimedia information transmission, broadcasting, security alarm, smart home, IP video phone, VOD, video monitoring, and value-added service, etc.

Long distance transmission: digital video intercom system, based on TCP/IP technology, has no distance limit. Therefore, low cost remote transmission can be realized.

Low comprehensive cost"New technology means high prices and new products are more expensive than traditional products”. Is it always true? Actually, from the perspectives of installation, debugging and wiring, TCP/IP technology reduces an amount of investment. At the same time, Digital Video Intercom System shorten the construction period,which saves much wire and personnel costs. Therefore, Digital Video Intercom System has more advantages on cost.

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