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Fan Youshan, the vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and other leaders visited LEELEN

  • October 14, 2020

On the afternoon of September 27th, Fan Youshan, Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; Ding Mingshan, Executive Committee Member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of China Huali Holding Group; Li Jiarong, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce; Ou Yong, the deputy director of the Economic Liaison Department of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a delegation from the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Fujian Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Xiamen City Federation of Industry and Commerce to visit LEELEN. LEELEN Chairman Chen Xuli, General Manager Chen Yihui, Chief Quality Officer Zhong Jianhua, Chief Engineer Tang Guangyao and other leaders accompanied them to visit LEELEN.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Chen Xuli expressed his gratitude to the visiting leaders for coming to LEELEN to guide the work, and introduced LEELEN's business situation, development advantages and corporate culture. As a professional smart community and smart home solution equipment provider, LEELEN has always been committed to building a highly competitive enterprise with high quality, advanced technology and first-class service, and adhering to "Let people live in a five-star home" , this corporate mission is constantly evolving based on customer needs.

With the advent of the smart era, smart home has gradually become popular, and with the blessing of the Internet of Things, smart home has begun to enter thousands of homes. As an innovative technology company, LEELEN knows that technological innovation is the key to improving the core competitiveness of the company. Therefore, it invests more than 8% of its sales revenue in research and development every year, and uses cutting-edge technology to drive product innovation.

When it comes to the Internet of Things, its security issues have also attracted much attention. In history, hacker attacks using the Internet of Things and smart devices as a breakthrough are common. Therefore, from its own perspective, LEELEN actively adopts various data security protection technologies, starting from the two dimensions of data security protection and data privacy protection, to create a safer smart home system for users. At the same time, LEELEN is also the editor-in-chief of national standards for smart homes and smart communities. Standards are an efficient way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and an effective way to regulate the development of the industry. LEELEN hopes to regulate and guide the development of smart home industry through the formulation of standards.

Subsequently, accompanied by Chairman Chen Xuli and other company leaders, Chairman Fan and other leaders visited LEELEN's production workshops, laboratories and corporate product exhibition halls to learn about LEELEN's actual situation in management, technological innovation, and production technology. They fully affirmed the company has advanced R&D technology, complete experimental testing, and diverse smart products.

As a leading private enterprise, LEELEN's development is inseparable from the support and help of the government and people from all occupations along the way. In the future, LEELEN will continue to increase scientific and technological innovation, focus on R&D investment, technical reserves, the talent gathering, and the management improvement. LEELEN will focus on the development of new technologies, new processes, and new products, and continue to seek breakthroughs to contribute to the promotion of regional economic development.

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