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Hebei Public Security Products Expo▕ LEELEN Gives the Smart Community and Smart Family New Vitality.

  • March 25, 2019

On March 22, the 18th Hebei Public Security Products Expo held at the Shijiazhuang International Expo Center. As a professional provider, LEELEN shows the latest technology application and security products.

The community is a place where people flow relatively concentrated and frequently flow. The problems caused by burglary, vehicle scraping disputes, and missing children are becoming more and more important. Therefore, how to provide residents with safe, intelligent, convenient and comfortable living communities has become an important issue for managers and residents.

From the perspectives of simple construction, unified management, compatible function, and all-around control, LEELEN exhibited professional smart community solutions. Through the intelligent access control, fingerprint lock, intelligent parking, social security housing management, etc. to build a three-dimensional security system to achieve full intelligent management of the community.

The face recognition outdoor unit that passed the three-certification tests of the Ministry of Public Security became the focus of this Expo. Its dynamic identification test is the best in the industry, with a pass rate of 94%, much higher than the Ministry of Public Security's standard of 85%.

The three-day Hebei Public Security Products Expo ended successfully. In future development, LEELEN will focus on the development and application of technologies and new materials, pay attention to the community, create a shared platform and provide users with better products and services.

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