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LEELEN Once Again Won The Class A Supplier for Evergrande Group

  • January 18, 2017

Recently, LeeLen receive a business contact letter from Evergrande Materials Company that in the 2016 annual supplier evaluation work of Evergrande Group, Leelen once again won the Evergrande Gruop building intercom Class A Supplier because of its outstanding performance.

Leelen has established a strategic cooperation with Evergrande Group by 2007, after ten years of cooperation, Leelen has been rated as its building intercom class A supplier by many times, and also together to create the strategic cooperation precedent between a building intercom industry and large real estate enterprises . It’s understood that Evergrande has established a perfect supplier evaluation and assessment mechanism that the suppliers will be included in their ERP system which setting standards for product delivery, quality, service and other aspects of the development. At the same time, in each quarter Evergrande will come to the supplier headquarters for on-site assessment, publiciting and grading the supplier’s scoring situation by the principle of fairness, justice and openness.

In 2016, Leelen has a total supply of products and services to Evergrande’s more than 300 projects. In the efforts of all Leelen, the goods, quality, service and other aspects of the high score, with a total score of 95.3 points (out of 100 points) was rated A-level suppliers. This is a great affirmation to our implementation of the strategic standardization work, also give the staff of large customers of Leelen great encouragement. In the future we will feedback the trust and support of Evergrande by our more high-quality products and services.

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