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LEELEN participated the second Henan Security Engineering Enterprise Senior Management Training Course

  • August 26, 2020

Yesterday sponsored by China Security Exhibition Network, supported by Zhengzhou Public Security Industry Association, and co-organized by Xiamen LEELEN and other companies, the "National Security Engineering Enterprise Senior Management Training Course and the 6th Smart Security Project Meeting (Zhengzhou Station) ended successfully in Zhengzhou Tianhe Hotel. There are 120 trainees from member units of the association to attend the course. Anhang, an expert consultant of the Security Exhibition Network, presided over the opening of the class, and Cheng Hua, the chairman of the Zhengzhou Public Security Industry Association, made the opening speech.

Chairman Cheng pointed out that with the development of the digital economy in Henan Province in recent years, there is a strong demand for new smart city construction. As one of the main forces of smart construction, security engineers should give full play to their own advantages to help the construction of new smart cities. Therefore, companies should pay more attention to learning, grasp industry trends, and promote the project implementation.

During the training, Hou Guopei, manager of LEELEN Zhengzhou Branch shared the "LEELEN Smart Community and Smart Home Solution", which combined with the explanation of new products and technologies, so that the trainees had a deeper understanding of LEELEN Smart Home and Smart Community, and a clearer understanding of LEELEN's series of products. At the scene, LEELEN also displayed products such as smart access control, smart door locks, digital building intercom system and LuxDomo smart home, which were unanimously recognized by the guests.

It is reported that this training course is mainly based on theoretical studies, supplemented by the program explanation, focused on improving the management level of enterprise senior managers and the professional skills of security practitioners.

Since its establishment, LEELEN has been working hard in the field of smart communities and smart home industries, actively contributing to the development of the industry, technological innovation and market applications. In the future, LEELEN will continue to innovate and open up exchanges to contribute more corporate power to promote the healthy development of the industry.

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