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LEELEN successfully won the bid for the tenth batch of CURA Green Real Estate joint purchase video intercom

  • August 12, 2020

Recently, the list of the tenth batch of successful bidders for Green Real Estate of CURA was released. With a good reputation and excellent strength, LEELEN successfully won the bid for video intercom joint purchase. It is reported that the joint purchase has 47 categories and the purchase amount of 10. 542 billion yuan, and 333 suppliers have entered bidding negotiations.

In the current aftermath of the epidemic and the market downturn, LEELEN maintains dynamic observations. Faced with endless and ever-changing market information, LEELEN rationally analyzes market price, gathers strength, rides the wind and wave, and finally wins this video intercom joint purchase.

The year of 2020 is the 8th year of cooperation between LEELEN and CURA. LEELEN's product quality, service concept, and perfect sales network will continue to be recognized and supported by CURA. LEELEN will try its best to complete the project implementation of the alliance member units, provide more comprehensive system solutions for real estate customers, achieve mutual benefit and create a better future.

CURA, established in 1999, is an industry strategy jointly initiated by many influential companies in the real estate industry, including China Vanke Co., Ltd., Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Central China Real Estate Limited. CURA is an industry strategic alliance composed of brand developers in major cities across the country based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. As one of the four cornerstones of the CURA, CURA joint purchase has completed nine batches of joint purchase since its inception in 2011, with a total purchase amount of over 31.3 billion yuan. It has become the largest entity joint purchase platform in China's real estate industry.

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