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LEELEN Was Identified as an Innovative Enterprise in Xiamen

  • November 29, 2016

To implement the strategic construction of the municipal government to build an innovative city in an all-round way, to speed up the implementation of technological innovation projects, the establishment of enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, production and research with a combination of technological innovation system, Xiamen City Science and Technology Bureau, And the Information Bureau, Xiamen City Finance Bureau, Xiamen SASAC, Xiamen City Federation of Trade Unions jointly launched in 2016 Xiamen City innovative (pilot) enterprise selection work. By the enterprise declaration, material review, expert review, the Jury jointly review and publicity, In recently, LEELEN got high score and through the "innovative enterprises in Xiamen," and in the publicity of the 41 “innovative enterprises”, is the only enterprise manufacturing building intercom, smart home products and the provision of intelligent community as a whole solution.

Innovative (pilot) enterprise identification originated in 2006, the state for the first time to start the implementation of the technology innovation guide project. Xiamen City in 2007 to carry out the first batch of innovative enterprises. The purpose of the identification of the innovation enterprise is to guide the enterprise to establish the innovation system and strengthen the capacity of the independent innovation. And at the same time, to encourage enterprise to increase the R&D investment, focusing on the number of continuous innovation capability, independent intellectual property rights and well-know brands of innovation enterprise to do big and stronger, improve the enterprise’s capacity to continue to innovate and the comprehensive competitiveness.

LEELEN as early as 2014 has been already indentified as “innovation enterprise in Xiamen”, after two years of effort, LEELEN set up Institute Of Internet Technology Research, expand the scale of talent training, increase production and research cooperation project, introduce the advanced production and management methods. LEELEN has won the Xiamen Science and Technology Progress Award, Xiamen Quality Award and Xiamen Patent Award as well as enhance core competitiveness, strengthen the independent innovation capacity. LEELEN has received the recognition of all levels of leaders and the praise from the industry. Now, LEELEN has became a outstanding enterprise of the new generation of electronic information technology industry.

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